Improving Learning Outcomes by Leveraging Collaboration Technology

Education is evolving faster than ever. Educators are facing increasing demands as a result of new curriculum standards. At the same time, students expect to use the latest technologies and many prefer dynamic online content over printed materials.

Enhancing education through video and rich media elements can:
  • Offer a better way to present abstract ideas, making them easier to understand
  • Enable distance learning and 'blended learning' whereby students are immersed in a mix of face-to-face and online classes

The good news is you can improve learning outcomes—both in the classroom and with remote learning—by ensuring devices are fully optimized for remote collaboration and interactive learning experiences.

Choose Devices that are Equipped for Modern Education

Look for device features and accessories that make classes and seminars—online and in person—engaging and productive:

  • Lightweight devices are ideal for students to take home, but should be balanced with durable designs that won't easily get damaged or broken
  • Devices with at least 6 hours of battery life should be considered, ensuring that potentially hazardous cables for charging devices are avoided during classroom sessions
  • Touchscreen devices and pen input enable more interactive learning and creativity
  • For remote learning, look for devices with low-light-sensitive 720p or 1080p HD webcams (0.9MP or 2MP), to ensure visibility in a range of lighting environments. Plus dual array microphones and noise reduction technology to ensure remote students can fully participate

Classroom Technology Management Made Simple

With end-user devices optimized for modern learning, you may also consider software solutions that aid teaching, learning and classroom technology management.

Lenovo LanSchool software provides simple management of classroom devices to help promote collaborative learning, remove distractions and keep kids focused on assignments. LanSchool also simplifies IT administration and processes allowing you to deploy applications with ease, and report on usage, security risks and usage policies.

Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free add-in for Word, OneNote & the Edge browser, which uses proven techniques to improve reading and writing. It can be used to build confidence in emerging readers who are learning to read at higher levels, and help people overcome learning differences such as dyslexia. It does this through a variety of techniques, such as allowing the student to adjust the spacing between letters and words, automatically breaking words into separate syllables, and highlighting as it reads allowed.

Improving Learning Outcomes by Leveraging Collaboration Technology

Integrating technology with face-to-face teacher time generally produces better academic outcomes than employing either technique alone.


  • Deploy devices and accessories that make classes and seminars engaging and productive. Lenovo has a range of touchscreen devices with digital pens that enable more interactive learning and creativity.
  • Many Lenovo devices come with features that enable remote learning; dual array microphones, low-light sensitive webcams, noise-cancellation and more.
  • Some of our devices include a sliding cover over the webcam to address privacy concerns.