Leveraging Technology to Power Consumer-Centric Enterprises

Technology advances are bringing disruptive innovation and an opportunity for small-to-medium businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Use Big Data to Address Customer Expectations

Organizations who target their customers well and respond quickly to their changing requirements will be successful. Big data analysis can be a huge competitive advantage only if the right insights have been mined. PCs can make a huge difference in visualizing big data for actionable insights.

Empower a Distributed Workforce

Roughly a quarter of the U.S. workforce telecommutes occasionally or permanently*. This trend empowers efficiency and productivity while providing tangible experiences to customers. But, managing distributed workforces can be tough. Organizations need to equip employees with endpoint devices that work well with the organization's cloud-based apps, support conferencing, are dependable, and have built-in security.

* GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com

Streamline Customer Service with AI

Customers want self-service options. SMBs are using AI in the form of intelligent chatbots that can interact with customers online or via mobile devices to deliver streamlined self-service experiences. Organizations need PCs that connect with knowledge management applications to ease chatbot training with well organized customer information.

Cloud Adoption Empowers Disruption

SMBs are adopting cloud technology to accelerate growth and disrupt industries. Quick implementation, no large upfront investments, and predictable pricing means smaller technology companies can focus on developing their products. These companies need powerful, easy-to-manage devices with built-in security, to access cloud-based business systems.

Leveraging Technology to Power Consumer-Centric Enterprises

By 2020, 25% of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant technology across engagement channels, up from less than 2% in 2015