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A mobile working life without restrictions
If you want to be sure not to miss any power, features or connections when working on the go, then Lenovo's workstation is close to the ultimate you can get. That is; if you are prepared to say goodbye to your pension savings!
Generation Z Digital Natives: Learning Lessons from the Mobile Generation
Learning lessons in productivity from the mobile generation
There’s no workplace like home
There’s no workplace like home
Thanks to continuing advances in technologies like broadband, mobile computing, and collaboration, remote working – a perennial trigger for the neuroses of many a conservative manager – has been becoming more and more technically viable for some time. Crucially though, it’s now becoming increasingly palatable from a commercial perspective too, writes Gareth Kershaw…
Improving workplace efficiency, wherever the workplace
Improving workplace efficiency, wherever the workplace
Your workplace today is where you are. Whether that’s inside or outside the office there are three essential elements needed to maximise workplace efficiency.
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Mobile Workstations For Engineers & Designers: Unleash them from the office
The case for using mobile technology for design & engineering professionals has reached the tipping point: the arguments against the technology no longer carry weight & the benefits are clear.