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Can Your PCs Defend and Repair Themselves? Ours Can
Advanced hardware security and BIOS protection harden endpoints from attack and restore devices to a known good state.
ThinkShield Security
Free Up Your Time to Innovate.
With ThinkShield solutions in place, IT will spend less time setting up, monitoring, and securing devices, and more time implementing breakthrough technology.
CloudWork Protection (CWPP)
We’re Protecting You (and Your Device) Every Step of the Way
From development to disposal, ThinkShield safeguards the entire lifecycle of a device, layering protections for end-to-end security.

Customer Success Stories Articles

University of Plymouth Customer Story
University of Plymouth Customer Story
Smarter connects students on campus and at homeTo minimize disruption to students’ education in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Plymouth’s School of Psychology looked to complement in-...
Iroquois Healthcare Association Customer Story
Iroquois Healthcare Association Customer Story
Smarter keeps critical care services on trackTo ensure its employees provide the best care for vulnerable populations in New York State, Iroquois Healthcare Association’s Workforce Investment Organization launched an i...
SpoedtestCorona Case Study
SpoedtestCorona Customer Story
Smarter COVID-19 testing protects the NetherlandsWith COVID-19 spreading fast across the Netherlands, start-up SpoedtestCorona aimed to help protect the public by offering faster and more affordable access to testing...