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ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series Lenovo Workstations

Get your job done, your way, with Lenovo Workstations. Whatever your industry, wherever you choose to work, our workstation have you covered.

Designed for ultimate productivity, Lenovo workstations are engineered for power, performance, and industry-leading reliability. By combining top-of-the-line components with expanded support for smarter technologies, like Client AI and AR/VR, our workstations are built to handle your most demanding projects–turning your ideas into reality.



Every Workstation Computer Attribute You Need Brought To the Maximum

woman on a performance workstation computer


Discover our workstation advantage

Our workstations, built with the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA professional GPUs, provide the highest level of power and performance to handle the most demanding workloads and they’ll do so without compromising on efficiency.

ThinkStation® P Series Workstations >

ThinkPad® P Series Mobile Workstations >

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Save money with proven performers

Our workstation computer systems are the most reliable in the world1, which brings huge savings.

In addition, our laptop and desktop workstations are ISV certified, tested and proven to run applications up to 30% faster than regular PCs.

1The TBR Reliability Study found that Lenovo workstations have the lowest repair rate among top competitors

ThinkStation® P Series Workstations >

ThinkPad® P Series Mobile Workstations >

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Use smarter tech, wherever you work.

Wherever you need to work the same power and performance is available in our easy-to-use mobile workstations as our desktops.

And with the tiniest workstations on the planet plus space-saving small form factors (SFF) there are movable desktop workstations that will be a good fit for any available workspace.

ThinkStation® P Series Workstations >

ThinkPad® P Series Mobile Workstations >

workstation computer configurability


Your workstation, your way.

Ingenious modular design and tool-less access make upgrades and customizations fast and simple to do. These customer-driven innovations support an amazing number of possible configurations.

There are also special workstation-enhanced security features that are readily customizable so you can work safely, wherever you are.

ThinkStation® P Series Workstations >

ThinkPad® P Series Mobile Workstations >

Transforming productivity – bridge the productivity gap, practically and easily >

Workplace efficiency – is your workplace optimized for all kinds of users? >

Redefining the Power of Small​

Introducing the new ThinkStation P360 Ultra, a revolutionary compact workstation that breaks new ground by delivering superior performance and flexibility in a never-before-seen form factor less than 4 liters in total volume.

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Lenovo Is the Preferred Workstation Innovation Partner for DreamWorks Animation

With consumer demand for premium animated content at an all-time high, DreamWorks Animation looked to Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group to find innovative workstation solutions that could keep up with its ever-scaling ambitions, increasingly complex workflows and faster production timelines. Designed for high productivity, Lenovo Workstations are engineered for power, performance and industry-leading reliability that allow artists to bring their creative ideas to life.


Smarter Solutions Shape the Next Business Reality

Empowering the Next Evolution of Technology

Meet the Lenovo ThinkStation P620: redefining power, reliability and speed.


Unlock Ultimate Collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

See how Lenovo Workstations enables hybrid work for power users.


Create Real-time Renders and Animations

Render them speechless with Twinmotion, Lenovo, and NVIDIA.



Smarter performance enables legends

Aston Martin’s drive to create the most beautiful cars in the world relies on Lenovo workstations.

A Passion for Perfection

Aston Martin’s commitment to making the most beautiful cars in the world is legendary. Their commitment to perfection is unwavering. Having a partner like Lenovo allows Aston Martin to focus on what they do best: achieving perfection in the design and building of everything they create.


Power Behind the Design

Lenovo Becomes the Official Workstation Partner of Aston Martin


How Aston Martin Chose Lenovo Workstations

Aston Martin can have peace of mind knowing the digital tools behind them are designed, tested, and proven to get the job done.


Ultimate performance meets complete portability

The ThinkPad P1 delivers Aston Martin fast and reliable performance at the desk, in a wind tunnel or out on the track.



Watch Lenovo Workstation Customer Testimonials

Workstation AI Customer Story - TechsoMed

TechsoMed tackles medical procedures using AI algorithms and the ThinkStation P920.

Workstation M&E Customer Story - Gnomon

Gnomon uses Lenovo workstations to create video effects and animation for film and games.

Lenovo’s Partnership with Neumont College

Neumont College praises Lenovo's consistent performance and quality that allows them to teach the best in tech with the best of tech.

Neumont College Chooses the ThinkPad P1 Workstation

The diversity of capabilities and the power of Lenovo's P1 workstation gives students the tools they need to meet the demands of the curriculum.

Video Case Study: Tendant Runs Its Business on the ThinkPad P1

Learn how Tendant relies on the ThinkPad P1 mobile workstation to build their application and run their small business.

UWRacing: Lenovo Workstations Customer Testimonial

Learn why the University of Wolverhampton Racing team relies on the power of Lenovo workstations in this video customer testimonial.


A Lenovo Workstation for any industry


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Gain the power to design and construct today’s physical infrastructures, using tomorrow’s emerging technologies.



Product development

Easily meet the demands of workflows such as CAD, CAE, CAM, and PLM, with superior processing and graphics power.



Media and entertainment

Exceed your clients’ expectations. Ease the creative path while maximizing production efficiency and pipeline reliability.



Oil, gas and energy

Harness the power to run complex simulations, data processing, and imaging across the industry, from exploration to refinement.




Provide clinicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals with the reliability and performance they need for better outcomes.




We push the boundaries of hardware performance to enable the emerging technologies that unleash users’ potential.

Client AI

Lenovo is demystifying the path to Artificial Intelligence, helping customers deliver powerful business intelligence, quicker, and easier than ever before.


Pro VR

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies are transforming the way we design, research, and train. ISV-certified solutions are integrated into our workstations, speeding time-to-value.


Remote Workstation

Remote Workstation solutions allow you to access your high-performance ThinkStation investments anytime, anywhere. Experience the highest performing, lowest latency, and most scalable remote workstation experience.



Perfect for scientists, developers, engineers, and other experts, Lenovo Workstations work intuitively with the host Linux OS and offer full end-to-end support with ongoing updates.


Workstations for Data Science

The world of artificial intelligence and machine learning has changed the way we work—and it’s impacting businesses today. See how you can harness the power of AI with Lenovo Workstations powered by NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs.

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Webinar Videos

Powering Projects: The Technologies and Tools that Push Productivity

This webinar features expert panelists who will explore current and emerging tools and technology that work to make every aspect of project workflow more efficient.

Powering Breakthrough Technologies with NVIDIA Quadro RTX Webinar

Discover how Quadro RTX transforms traditional workflows with real-time ray tracing and AI, in manufacturing, media and entertainment and architecture for your customer.

The Higher Education Workstation Advantage Webinar

With our lineup of mobile and desktop workstations, not only will your institution be equipped with the right solution, but your students will also have innovation at the touch of their fingertips.

Recipes for Product Design & AEC Workstation Success Webinar

This webinar is designed to help you understand the basics of the latest workstation technologies and how to configure a workstation to support different 3D design workflows.

Technology Trends Impacting the Future of AEC

This webinar will address the transformative technological changes under way in the AEC space, and the next-generation technology helping companies master those changes.


Lenovo P Series Portfolio

Lenovo Mobile Workstations


ThinkPad P14s

Lenovo’s lightest mobile workstation


ThinkPad P16s

On-the-go power and performance


ThinkPad P15v

Value without compromise


ThinkPad P1

The power you need. The machine you want.


ThinkPad P16

Performance Unpacked

Lenovo Desktop Workstations 


ThinkStation P360 Tiny

The world’s smallest workstation

thinkstation p920 workstation computer

ThinkStation P360 Ultra

Redefining the power of small


ThinkStation P360 Tower

Power of a workstation, price of a desktop.

thinkstation p520c workstation computer

Lenovo ThinkStation P520c

High performance without a high price

thinkstation p520 computer workstation

Lenovo ThinkStation P520

The most powerful single-processor workstation


ThinkStation P620

Game changing power, reliability & speed

thinkstation p720 workstation computer

Lenovo ThinkStation P720

Professional power with ultimate versatility

thinkstation p920 workstation computer

Lenovo ThinkStation P920

Lenovo's most advanced dual-processor workstation


ThinkVision P Series

EC Thinkvision P40w Resizes Image

ThinkVision P40w

EC Thinkvision P32p Resizes Image

ThinkVision P32p

EC Thinkvision P27h Resizes Image

ThinkVision P27h

EC Thinkvision P27q Resizes Image

ThinkVision P27q

EC Thinkvision P34w Resizes Image

ThinkVision P34w

EC Thinkvision P24h-2L Resizes Image

ThinkVision P24-2L