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Craft faster, easier, more detailed renders with KeyShot®

Harness the power of NVIDIA® RTX™ with Lenovo Workstations

Vivid, real-time renders and animation

Across industries, KeyShot® works to accelerate product development and design. Connect to KeyShot from anywhere and enable increased productivity for modern remote workers. Whether using a desktop in the office, or a laptop at home, drawing on the power of NVIDIA RTX GPUs helps to speed through renders and design workflows.

Bring your products to market more quickly, with greater efficiency

Develop high quality, photo-realistic visuals from over 30 different 3D file formats

Create and adapt in real-time, with a range of intuitive functions, including procedurally generated textures and one-click exports to VR

Easily switch between CPU and GPU rendering, with one click

Combine the power of multiple NVIDIA GPUs to create even faster renders

Discover KeyShot in action

See visualization in greater detail. This video explores a range of functions designed to help bring your concepts to life.

KeyShot. NVIDIA. Lenovo.

Working together to produce incredible results.

A lot of hard work goes into creating high-quality renders. That’s why KeyShot is partnered with industry-leading NVIDIA RTX GPUs and high-performance Lenovo Workstations.

The only enterprise class workstation with PCIe 4.0 capability, the ThinkStation P620 uses AMD Ryzen™ ThreadRipper™ 3990X CPU to blaze through geometry processing and rendering requirements, while the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU provides AI denoising and uses ray-tracing cores to work even faster. Both have their advantages for specific tasks and, working together, they deliver outstanding results. What kind of results? The RTX A6000 generates 100x performance increase over the baseline system, using the standard KeyShot Viewer Benchmark.

KeyShot relies on their combined strength to build photo-realistic, real-time renders that improve efficiency in the design workflow and speeds time to market.

For more detail, read this article by computer scientist Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen, Chief Scientist at Luxion


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Keyshot On Demand Webinar

Create Stunning 3D Designs and Bring Them to Market Faster


Hear how designers are creating stunning photorealistic 3D renders of products with ease—and in real time—with KeyShot. And learn how the unprecedented power and performance of Lenovo ThinkStation desktops and ThinkPad mobile laptops powered with NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs are enabling KeyShot users to manage these heavy workloads.



High-quality visualization needs high-performance computers

Lenovo Workstations are built for heavy workloads. Combining state-of-the-art graphics from NVIDIA with industry-leading CPUs and components, powerful ThinkStation desktops deliver reliability, productivity and impressive performance. Meanwhile, ThinkPad mobile workstations enable even more productivity in a laptop format that ensures portability and flexible working.

Extreme power redefines rendering

Meet the world’s first and only workstation to offer the power of AMD Ryzen™ ThreadRipper™ Pro processing. The ThinkStation P620 can be configured with up to 2 NVIDIA RTX A6000 graphics cards. This machine tears through multi-threaded tasks with up to 64 cores and a clock speed of 4.0GHz, meaning you can render in record time.

Up to 20TB of storage

Up to 512GB 3200MHz memory

First and only Gen 4 support for PCIe slots and M.2 storage

Air cooled thermals


Versatile performance, flexible creativity

Lenovo’s most popular mobile workstation, the ThinkPad P15, brings efficiency and flexibility to high-performance computing environments across every industry. These powerful machines support NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics, and are equipped with 10th Gen processors such as Intel® Xeon®. Connect to KeyShot from anywhere for remote work productivity.

Up to 4TB M.2 PCIe

NVMe SSD Storage

Up to 128GB DDR4 Memory

Dual Intel Thunderbolt™ 3


Out-of-this-world graphics from NVIDIA

Bring stunningly high quality to a world of your creation, with the ability to update renders and animations in real-time thanks to the powerful ray-tracing capabilities of NVIDIA RTX graphics. RTX-accelerated ray-tracing and AI-driven denoising help to generate crisp visualizations in an instant. Generate immersive, interactive experiences with ultra-fast on-board memory and optimized drivers for programs such as KeyShot.

Smarter creates the future

Push the limits of productivity, creativity and innovation with Lenovo Workstations.


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