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ThinkIoT Smarter Store Solutions for retail

Lenovo Commercial IoT retail tech improves customer experience in physical stores and online

Brick and mortar stores need smarter solutions to meet rising customer expectations. For years, online retail has been driving down foot traffic, and now stores must also respond to the complications of shopping during the time of Covid-19.

Smart retail driven by Commercial IoT is transforming the traditional shopping experience, making stores more efficient, increasing staff productivity, and personalizing the customer experience – while also using technology to enhance in-store safety measures.

Find out how to make the switch to a smart retail ecosystem easily, using our managed, turn-key solutions, and discover the benefits of a more connected shopping experience.

Survey response stats

In early June 2020, we conducted a survey with more than 1,000 participants in the U.S. to better understand how technology could help address the COVID-19 crisis. Here are the most important findings for going back to retail.


of consumers believe that it’s the retailers responsibility to keep them healthy and safe while they shop.


of customers said that their spending at retailers hasn’t yet returned to pre-COVID-19 levels.


Nearly 50% of customers have started shopping online more frequently, due to social distancing precautions.

ThinkIoT Smarter Store Solutions

Unlocking the practical benefits of technology in a modern, real-world retail environment.

Transform your shop floor with intelligent, personalized experiences that help to generate extra foot traffic and drive additional revenue. Our end-to-end IoT solutions are pre-tested and validated to ensure they provide an integrated, optimal service from deployment onwards. Create a smarter, safer shopping experience that gives shoppers the confidence to return to retail in time for the holiday season.

Step 1:Provide tailored customer experiences

Develop a retail environment that responds to individual customers to improve the shopping experience and generate more sales opportunities.

In-store Marketing:

Drive increased sales from customer store visits using targeted advertising that is based on customer age, gender and other data.

How it works

Interactive digital signage that shows curated ads and incorporates advanced analytics on who your customers are – targeting both potential customers and those who have already made purchases.

Autonomous Product Information:

Enable customers to learn more about display products, whenever they need. Smart shelving autonomously provides product comparisons to enhance the shopping experience.

How it works

Bluetooth sensors are attached to display merchandise, providing customers with additional information about the products they are interested in, without needing to wait for store employees.

Step 2:Optimize store operations for added efficiency

Make use of smart, automated solutions to ensure that your store is providing maximum opportunity for revenue.

Smart Shelves:

Automate the most manual parts of in-store inventory management – such as out of stock monitoring, planogram compliance, and price checking – to increase efficiency.

How it works

HD mobile cameras scan your store aisles every 15 minutes. Modularity allows for only needing 2 cameras per aisle.

Smart Pushers:

Get immediate updates on the amount of stock available on shelves, and automate your inventory count. Reallocate your employees time from manual stock counts to actually stocking inventory and helping customers.

How it works

Depth sensors attach to existing pushers on shelves and provide inventory updates in real-time.

Step 3:Create a safer environment to improve confidence

Give your customers the confidence to return to retail environment. Identify symptoms of possible illness before employees enter the store and make store policies highly visible.

Elevated Temperature Screening:

Limit the risk of liability by checking for fever at the door, identify store employees for further screening and encourage self-quarantine where appropriate.

How it works

Thermal screening solutions, using FDA cleared thermal cameras [510(k) K033967], can identify store employees with elevated body temperature as they go through access points.

Digital Signage and Policy Communication:

Effectively communicate up-to-date store policy and important information to employees and customers across a range of locations.

How it works

Digital signage and device screens can broadcast important information across multiple locations, with a content management solution for quick updates and integrated digital communication.

Our ‘Smarter Stores’ IoT Partner Ecosystem

Lenovo Partners provide innovative solutions for specific challenges affecting retail. We work with industry leaders to provide a curated set of solutions, based on the success of their existing deployments. Our customers can expect effective delivery and ongoing management for every solution


Make inventory management more efficient with out of stock detection, inventory counts, planogram compliance, and price checking.


Increase store visits using targeted advertising and promote customer engagement with smart shelving that autonomously provides product comparisons.

L Squared

Intelligent digital signage broadcasts important information from any screen, for smart communication in the workplace.

Viper Imaging

Make thermal information visible with highly accurate, automated temperature measurement for devices and people.

If you are interested in joining the Lenovo Commercial IoT Partner Program, get in touch.

Build on a supercharged infrastructure

Achieve even more connection and efficiency by combining Lenovo’s CIoT retail solutions with our portfolio of Smart Retail hardware, software and services. We provide a range of devices specialized for the retail environment, including seamlessly connected POS devices and kiosks and powerful, but discreet edge devices that form a supercharged tech infrastructure.

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