Lenovo cloud future
Does cloud computing spell the end of the IT professional?
Cloud computing is bringing sweeping changes to IT departments around the world. What does this mean for the future of IT professionals?
How cloud IT is saving lives
How cloud IT is saving lives
The NHS deals with over one million patients every 36 hours, and its net expenditure is expected to hit more than £120bn in 2016-17. To handle this growing demand, the organisation's IT operations have been forced to adapt
Microsoft Azure Stack
Microsoft Azure Stack: Migrate to the cloud without giving up control
Public cloud adoption is soaring. McAfee estimates claim Australia (33 per cent) and Canada (32 per cent) are leading the way, with Japanese (25 per cent) and French organisations (23 per cent) not far behind in using only public cloud installations. Gart

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Changing demographics, changing expectations.
Demografischer Wandel und neue Erwartungen.
Der demografische Wandel bietet die Chance, eine technologiegestärkte Arbeitswelt neu zu denken.
Business continuity; a success story.
Geschäftliche Kontinuität – eine Success-Story.
Warum geschäftliche Kontinuität wichtig ist und wie Ihr Unternehmen zukunftssicher wird.
What makes for smarter collaboration?
Was macht eine smartere Zusammenarbeit aus?
Was macht ein Team, das gut zusammenarbeitet, besser als andere? Sehen wir uns smartere Zusammenarbeit einmal genauer an.
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