From remote to hybrid: how to power productivity anywhere

From remote to hybrid: how to power productivity anywhere

Hopes are high in early 2022 that COVID-19 will move from pandemic to endemic status. As the dust settles on enforced working from home, it looks like hybrid working is here to stay. Many organisations are left considering what hybrid working will look like for them, and how to manage a workforce that’s here, there and everywhere.



People prefer flexibility

There’s clearly employee demand for location flexibility. According to a recent report from Accenture, 83% of employees surveyed say they prefer a hybrid model that sees them working remotely at least 25% of their hours. Indeed not supporting flexible forms of working might make it harder to retain staff, motivate your teams, ensure wellbeing or attract new talent.

Productivity can happen anywhere

But if this is the stick, the report offers a carrot too: early signs that enabling a ‘work anywhere’ model is great news for productivity. In fact 63% of high-growth companies have already adopted a productivity anywhere’ workforce model. So when you factor in a reduction in your office overheads and facilities costs, there’s good reason to champion a hybrid model.

What really makes people productive?

So what do you need to put in place in for new ways of working to be effective? In many ways hybrid is trickier to manage than fully remote. While there is no single way to implement hybrid working, and its exact form is likely to vary from organisation to organisation, technology and equipment are two factors that can make or break the success of your hybrid working plans.

Small tools that make a big difference

Connectivity and collaboration tools were the early focus during the pandemic, and most employers will have the basics already in place – laptops, monitors, ergonomic chairs and so on. But it’s accessories like mice and keyboards that are easy to overlook – smaller investments per head, but ones that can make a huge difference comfort, concentration and productivity.

Turn any space into a hive of productivity

Engineered to make remote working effortless, Lenovo Go accessories are easy to use, store, and carry. These plug-and-play devices have features that make them perfect for dynamic environments: multi-purpose/multi-device functionality, works on a variety of surfaces, wireless charging, and ergonomic designs.

Our audio and mice accessories save time and effort with customisable modes and personalised profiles. Our ultra-comfortable keyboards and keypads make typing and number-crunching a breeze. And our portable power solutions punch way above their weight. With Lenovo Go, everyone is now free to make the world their office.

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