Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. Your employees can be across the hall, or across the globe, and you can still expect the same high levels of creativity, collaboration and productivity. The same always-on connectivity. The same protection, thanks to world-class security. And the same uncompromising commitment to anytime, anywhere support. Welcome to modern business, and the flexible workforce.



It sounds idealistic, but for enterprise organizations working with Lenovo, this is reality.

And it doesn’t require much imagination to see the benefit of giving your people the tools to be productive and secure, wherever they are.


Modern devices with a long history of innovation

Every Lenovo device – tablet, laptop, desktop and workstation – builds on a heritage of design and engineering excellence. They’re made that way not to suit Lenovo, but to meet the needs of your users, and your IT teams.

Lenovo solutions powered by the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform are great examples.

They’re powerful, to tackle the most complex tasks. They come with designed-in reliability, to cope with the demands of the desktop.

They also feature Lenovo Device Intelligence – proactive device insights and AI-driven predictive analytics to keep them running at peak performance.

And built-in ThinkShield security, to detect and neutralise threats without interruption, reducing the stress on hard-pressed IT administrators.

Modern technology pays dividends in boosting the employee experience – an up to 5x return on investment.

Giving your flexible workforce the tools they want for productivity and protection in a work-anywhere world is one thing – but where will they use them?


Work is no longer where you go, it’s what you do

Across many industries, ‘work from anywhere’ is a strong trend that’s here to stay. Research indicates that 57% of companies already have a flexible work policy1.

In this new world, your employees will choose the locations and spaces to help them achieve their best.

Sometimes that will be in your hybrid office, collaborating with colleagues and team members. Sometimes, ‘in the zone’ in a private space. Sometimes at home, or on the move.

Being onsite is still important, at least part of the time. But relationships are no longer limited to physical locations. Videoconferencing tools, such as Microsoft Teams, open up horizons for close collaboration between people who may never meet in person.

To put it into perspective, 85% of businesses are using specific collaboration tools to improve the productivity of their teams.


It’s easier than ever to get what you need

As well as devices to keep your employees productive and safe, and collaboration tools to help them work together better, Lenovo makes it simpler to afford the latest technology.

With solutions such as Lenovo’s Device as a Service becoming increasingly popular – no less than 63% of firms have professed an interest – you can ensure your teams have the latest, high-performing technology, for an agreed monthly fee.

As well as minimising downtime, accessing modern devices and accessories can have a positive impact on your bottom line, as expenditure switches from CapEx to OpEx.


The flexible workforce, works

Enhanced productivity and greater employee satisfaction. Stronger security, and lower costs. Modern technology that makes life easier for you and your teams.

Whichever way you view it, flexibility works. Learn more about how to make it work for your business.


Enable a flexible workforce


The future of work as we know it has never been more exciting. To find out more about the bigger picture Lenovo has in store, click the link below.

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