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The modern workplace is constantly evolving, and so is Lenovo. Our range of technology solutions provides the means to greatly enhance business communications and productivity, helping to transform any size organization from smart to smarter.

ThinkSmart Office

Take control of your meetings with our ThinkSmart solutions. By combining innovative technology with personalized services, our ThinkSmart solutions will transform your meeting room. You get a more productive and fun collaboration with smart devices that provide greater efficiency and offer options that meet your needs.

ThinkSmart Hub

Make your meetings smarter

The ThinkSmart Hub meeting room device has been redesigned for ultimate meeting efficiency. Built on the Zoom or Teams platform with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, the redesigned Hub has a slimmer design and sleeker display, four speakers, four microphones, an innovative single-cable mechanism, and brighter, more visible indicators. It’s still scalable across room sizes and features one-touch meeting start, for the best possible experience.

ThinkSmart Hub Zoom ThinkSmart Hub Teams

ThinkSmart Hubs Zoom and Teams

ThinkSmart View Teams Display

Lenovo ThinkSmart supports collaboration across rooms of all sizes with solutions purpose-built for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms. Whether your enterprise already runs on Teams or you’re just starting to take full advantage of all that Microsoft 365 offers, Lenovo is here to help.

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ThinkSmart Cam & ThinkSmart Bar

Amplify and bring focus to meetings and online collaboration. ThinkSmart Bar is an enterprise-grade sound bar purpose-built with meeting room-based video conferencing in mind—remote colleagues sound like they’re in the same room. ThinkSmart Cam delivers wide-field-of-view video and smart features like whiteboard awareness.


Google Meet Series One Room Kits

All components to achieve a better meeting

For organizations that depend on Google Workspace and Google Meet to keep ideas and communication flowing, Lenovo and Google offer a turnkey, best-in-class solution that makes outfitting collaboration spaces fast, easy, and cost-efficient.



ThinkSmart Manager

ThinkSmart Manager

Give your IT department some time back with ThinkSmart Manager, the official manageability console for your fleet of ThinkSmart smart office devices. IT can stop putting out fires by streamlining their management of every ThinkSmart device across the enterprise—remotely deploying, configuring, protecting, and auto-updating agent software on each one with ease.


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To learn more about how Lenovo Smart Office solutions can help make your business smarter, reach out to your Lenovo representative today