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Lenovo ThinkReality

The world’s most powerful and flexible enterprise AR/VR software platform.


Introducing the ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

ThinkReality A3 smart glasses advances productivity at every level of the enterprise as Lenovo brings more intelligent transformation to business.


ThinkReality BU

Cloud and device-agnostic solutions for enterprise deployments

The Lenovo ThinkReality platform provides a proven, scalable, and streamlined path from proof of concept to productivity for enterprise AR/VR applications. It’s the only complete solution that lets you focus on problem-solving by working across diverse hardware and software. Build, deploy, and manage applications and content on a global scale, with global support.

ThinkReality equips you with powerful development and management tools, such as a software development kit, cloud and device services and MDM support. You’ll get ready-to-use, turn-key certified solutions for vital AR applications like Remote Assistance; Guided Workflow and Training; Remote Data Visualization and Design Collaboration.

This platform has been created with business managers, developers and IT managers in mind. It’s an enterprise-grade AR and VR solution that scales, and it’s backed by the resources of an established global technology leader, committed to your long-term success.

ThinkReality creates new possibilities for enterprise

ThinkReality is conceived for today’s world and the future. You can connect existing AR and VR devices and add advanced new devices as they become available. The platform allows you to develop and deploy apps and content remotely throughout the enterprise while managing devices and applications from a single interface.

Three core concepts underpin ThinkReality:


Versatility: AR for your world

ThinkReality is built for collaboration across multiple disciplines with dashboards for visibility of all deployments. Work with third-party tools and applications for fast time-to-value and use pre-existing platform tools for rapid app and content creation.


Reliability: always-on support

Get the same global support for AR/VR development that has made Lenovo a $40B world leader in the technology marketplace. ThinkReality consulting services help to scale AR/VR programs alongside worldwide support from Lenovo Integrated Solution Services.

ThinkReality A6

Ultra-lightweight and built for comfort

Light, stylish and optimized for easy management, the A6 is built for a great user experience. It offers a full-featured sensor array and expandable memory and the removable battery minimizes downtime – just swap in a fully charged replacement.


Experience A6 at work



Identify and repair equipment failures quickly and accurately, accessing real-time expert support and remote assistance.



Work with real-time data in the cloud to improve accuracy and reduce errors, facilitating and speeding product assembly.


Architectural, engineering and construction

Visualize designs in realistic environments, and interact and collaborate in the real world with 3D models.


Training and education

Train your workforce, create interactive AR simulations, and collaborate remotely with experts to improve retention and time-to-learn.


Lenovo Mirage VR S3

True scalability for enterprise solutions

Built for the workplace and designed for comfortable use throughout a busy day, with wipeable facepads and crisp 4k visuals. When deployed in combination with Lenovo’s ThinkReality platform, you can manage devices throughout your organization, all at once, from a single cloud portal.




Interactive VR simulations prepare employees with soft skills and safety training for real-world situations, while centralized content management streamlines delivery.


Architectural, engineering and construction

Virtually review structural models and site surveys. Validate your construction project in full scale before breaking ground.


Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining

Complex training can be accomplished in safe and repeatable environments, before sending employees on-site to work with machinery.


Content producers

Create, install, and update vibrant, true-to-life content using industry-leading 4k optics and 101-degree field of view.

Explore ThinkReality

Baker Hughes

Merging physical and digital

Phantom View is an extended reality software, providing high-fidelity data visualizations for energy, oil and gas companies. It combines elements of AR, VR and real-world objects to create an immersive environment that displays data in context. Learn how ThinkReality provided the flexibility and support for bringing this innovative solution to market.


ThinkReality - Baker Hughes Case Study

ThinkReality A6 AR

Get to know the device and the ThinkReality platform.



Enable your workforce with enterprise-grade AR.


The Expert’s View

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