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Go from smart to smarter

Keeping up with the dramatic and rapid changes in the modern workplace is a constant job. It’s a case of balancing the different needs of a workforce spanning baby boomers to Gen Z, with physical spaces that encourage collaboration, and technology that connects people anytime, anywhere. In particular, it requires smarter technology that ensures that the staple of office life – meetings – just work and work well.

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We all know how we want our meetings to go. Collaboration is instant. People can connect, first time seamlessly, whether they are in the meeting room or somewhere half-way round the world and everyone can focus on the task in hand. Yet how often do they turn out that way?

Only about half the time does videoconferencing technology work the way it should, say office workers. In addition, don’t forget the 10 minutes wasted on average at the start of a meeting getting everything set up and working – if you can. If you can’t IT has to be called to sort things out. That happens on average at 447 meetings a year. 

The result of these malfunctions and stutters in communication are that 25% of people report missing deadlines and important actions. 

Happier people need smarter tech

The smarter technology is there to allow better collaboration, which plays a big part in generating a great employee experience. Having the right company culture, where people have business devices that offer the same sophistication and ease-of-use they enjoy in their personal life, is important. Keeping your employees happy will ultimately lead to greater productivity and creativity, and technology plays a role in that.

It’s no surprise that 75% of employees believe that their organization should invest in better meeting technology. 

But the space you inhabit matters as well. There’s no one size fits all with technology. Working in a cubicle demands different tools to a meeting in a conference room.
That’s why Lenovo has created its own Smart Office ecosystem to deliver the right solution for the right environment. It’s an ecosystem based on smarter technology for smarter collaboration – that includes a 360 degree portfolio, from hardware to software and services, with multiplatform support from Microsoft Teams to Zoom.

In the personal space there is ThinkSmart View. Its seamless, one-touch start for meetings, fits easily into your workflow.The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is the ideal stand alone device for huddle rooms where you can set up meetings to talk to your team not the IT helpdesk.

To go larger, the ThinkSmart Edition Tiny is a compact, modular solution that grows with your business, expanding all your video-conferencing capabilities.

Whatever their size, all the devices can be managed from a single console, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager, for smarter operations. What’s more Lenovo Smart Office Services give you access to a personalised team that help you deploy, maintain and run services – including an on-site white glove service.

You can make your move from smart to smarter at no cost or risk with the ThinkSmart family Buy and Try programme.