Services for Security

Today’s threat landscape is vast. From hackers to malware to ransomware—it feels like danger is lurking behind every click.
Apr 11

Whitepaper: Global Security Compliance and Its Technological Implications

This paper will help you understand how Lenovo’s 360 security strategy can assist you to align with global governance regulations by adopting a holistic approach to security leveraging Lenovo's security philosophy.
Sep 5

15 Business IT Security Best Practices

A Practical Guide to Developing a Cohesive and Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Mobile and Corporate IT Assets
Jun 26

Whitepaper: Business Implications of GDPR and the Role of Technology

So, what is GDPR? Why is it so important? What role will technology play in ensuring compliance for your business? These are some of the questions we seek to answer through this whitepaper.
Jun 20