4 Widgets to Power Your Website

4 Widgets to Power Your Website

Widgets are standalone third-party applications that can be embedded on your business website to create dynamic web applications.


They are good for online businesses and make the site more interactive and user-friendly. However, many small businesses are still not fully harnessing the power of these codes. Here are four widgets that you can put to work to immediately improve your site.

1. Chat widgets

Chat widgets allow potential and existing customers to ask questions and receive prompt answers. By providing the solutions that people are looking for, you can keep them on your site for longer and make them more willing to buy from you.

There are a number of chat widgets that you can use to enhance your interactions with site visitors. Some of them include ChatangoCBox, and AjaxIM.

2. Social media widgets

Social media widgets enable your site visitors to connect with your social media pages. This will allow you to keep interacting with them and cultivate a loyal client base. These widgets will also enable site visitors to share your content and thus boost your content and social media marketing efforts.

If you have a WordPress-based site, the WordPress social media widget would come in handy. It supports popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

GetSocial also offers a social media widget. The widget supports more than 20 social media buttons that can be used to subscribe to content and share it on mobile or social media platforms.

3. Google Maps Widget

It’s not enough for you to optimize your business site for geographical searches online. It is imperative that you also provide a map of your business location to help people find their way to your offline location.

A Google Maps widget is the best way to generate a map with clear-cut directions to your offline business location. You can download a WordPress-based Google Maps widget. You can also generate a map via maps-generator.com.

4. E-commerce store widget

By 2019, 57.6 percent of internet users are expected to become digital shoppers, so take advantage of e-commerce store widgets to enjoy the online gold rush.
E-commerce widgets have a variety of functions including:

  • Incorporating shopping carts for customers
  • Creating opt-in forms for people interested in more information
  • Adding search browsers to make finding products much easier
  • Allowing customers to read and write reviews about your products
  • Installing product slides that display all your available products in one place

You can get multiple functions in some widgets, for example, the Shopify e-commerce widget. Others have specific functionality, like YotPo which adds reviews and ratings to your e-commerce site, and Shopial, which enables you to connect your storefront to Facebook and Pinterest to generate sales on social media.

There are many more widgets for small businesses, including newsletter widgets for email building, video widgets for video marketing, and testimonial widgets for referral marketing. Find what works for your business, and take full advantage of interactive widgets.