Holiday on ice?

Technologies central to Lenovo’s thinking and its commitment to helping businesses – and employees – the rise of digital and AI across the enterprise is driving an array of productivity and efficiency gains and making ‘always-on’ business a reality, reports Stuart Constable. Factories that keep manufacturing over the holiday season; total mobile connectivity, anywhere, all the time, so people can keep working; back office processes that just keep on… processing…
May 19

Latest Industry 4.0 thinking: is there any such thing?

You’ve heard of Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It describes the impact of digital transformation on manufacturing and the supply chain. But how about this: is it just wrong as a concept? Accenture believes it is, because digital isn’t just one big thing, like a canal network or a steam engine. It’s a constant stream of disruptive brilliance that means the revolution may never end.
May 19

Productivity: 8 ways tech is defining it

Tech has always been a great enabler and now so more than ever. Helping us get things done so quickly and seamlessly that we are now being held back only by the limits of our own imagination and motivation, technology is currently advancing productivity in all manner of new ways and places…
May 19

Windows 7 EOS: we just have to let it go

In just over a year, Windows 7 finally goes out of free extended support. You can carry on with it, but there’ll be no updates, no tech support available and, perhaps most important, no security updates. Every passing day will make your systems more vulnerable, unless you’re happy to pay a fee for continued service. It’s understandable to want to stay with something that has worked well, but the fact is the technology that got us to the moon won’t even get you in the building today.
Mar 7

Strengthening the weakest link

You’re only as secure as your weakest link and for many companies the biggest risk is their supply chain. You need solutions with security built-in at every point, with the assurance that your security supply chain is protected and compliant from end-to-end. Stuart Constable looks for the weakest link.
Feb 15

How AI is shaping the future of manufacturing, today.

Robots are becoming a standard part of manufacturing. Artificial intelligence is augmenting human intelligence to improve performance and produce everything from robotic 3D-printed smart bridges to complete buildings.
Jan 18