Respond to Customers Faster

The push toward customer centricity in financial services escalates workforce enablement to a top IT priority. Users must be able to pivot quickly to keep up with customers’ constantly changing needs.

Transform Employee Experience to Improve CX

Help users respond to customers faster by matching their job role to an optimal endpoint PC. Here are a few examples:

Customer Facing

  • Job role requirements: Access customer or prospect information quickly to respond to or anticipate customer requests.
  • Device requirements: Business development or customer relationship managers benefit from laptops with powerful dual-band WiFi, WWAN (4G) connectivity and high-quality cameras and microphones for conferencing and presenting. Hardware-enhanced security features such Match on Chip Fingerprint Reader and Intel® Authenticate solution offer reliable user authentication capabilities. Set up non-mobile customer service workers with thin clients that can run from a server for secure access to customer data.

Financial & Big Data Analysis

  • Job role requirements: Analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and make quick decisions to advise customers.
  • Device requirements: Plenty of memory, security and the ability to connect to multiple monitors help workers visualize data from real-time sources and quickly advise customers. Consider workstation PCs running Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, that analyze and visualize data up to 40% faster than 4-year-old systems.*

Financial Trader

  • Job role requirements: Constantly monitor market prices, related news and information and transact trades in real time
  • Device requirements: Financial traders need systems with multiple monitors configured for convenient viewing - sometimes up to 6 may be needed to monitor many information sources simultaneously and conduct trades. This means a device with a powerful graphics card - usually a workstation - is needed. The workstation itself may be configured with typically a single CPU, but fast M.2 PCIe SSD storage is recommended. Large amounts of memory are a must, to enable multitasking of web browser windows and other applications with data feeds and perhaps live video.
*Microsoft Power BI Data Source Change Workload: Measures the time to load, query, calculate statistics, and draw 6 charts from a different local data source containing 2.2 million sales records.
Respond to Customers Faster

Long-term sustainable growth in the banking industry seems only possible with a radical departure from a sales- and product-obsessed mindset to one of genuine customer centricity.


  • Lenovo's range of mobile and desktop workstations provide the power and flexibility to run advanced big data and financial analysis workflows, with large memory arrays, multi-processor options and vast storage capacity.
  • Our mobile device portfolio comes with hardware-enhanced identity protection such as Intel® Authenticate, and Windows 10 Pro security features like Windows Information Protection and BitLocker to protect devices and data.
  • Lenovo’s commercial-grade devices offer powerful dual-band WiFi, WWAN (4G) connectivity and high-quality cameras and microphones for conferencing and presenting.