Tech Trends Transforming Manufacturing

For manufacturers, technology is a valuable tool to improve efficiency, understand customer needs and design customized products. Let's explore these trends.

IoT or Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting the manufacturing sector like no other. It’s changing business models, increasing output and automating processes. Even something as simple as using sensors to monitor equipment can lead to productivity gains, operational efficiencies, quality improvements and better analytics. Manufacturers need secure, reliable, endpoint devices that can make order of all that data.

Big Data Analytics

As data and the ability to analyze it increases, manufacturers must equip employees with devices that power data visualization and deliver actionable insights. From data about manufacturing processes to the behavior of repeat customers, manufacturers can use big data analytics to gain information that helps them deliver higher quality products more efficiently.

Digital Transformation to Power Customer-Centricity

Every customer centric organization needs to be employee centric as well. Because without enabling the right tools and technology for employees, you cannot expect them to meet customer demands. From driving shorter product development lifecycles, to better customer understanding, technology can really help you optimize your processes and operations, giving you much needed competitive edge.


Cyberthreats cause physical damage, facility downtime, breaches of customer data and intellectual property. In fact, 96% of manufacturers cited cybersecurity as a risk factor.* In addition to deploying secure endpoint devices in the defense against cyberthreats, manufacturers must harden security practices, manage infrastructure, control user access, and invest in data protection.

*2017 BDO Manufacturing Risk Factor Report
Tech Trends Transforming Manufacturing

We believe that business leaders who successfully apply digital technologies to their industry, customers, partners, suppliers, and business practices stand to gain substantial advantages over their competitors.