Get More Out of Your Microsoft 365 Deployment

Cloud-based productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise help financial firms optimize the value of the cloud by enabling collaboration across teams, devices and platforms for a monthly fee per user.

But as new features are added to enhance how teams and individuals can work, or to help IT protect against threats, it’s important to ensure your endpoint devices are equipped to leveraged these features.

Make sure you are using Microsoft 365 for access to important manageability and security features:

  • Windows Defender AV protects against malware.
  • Windows Information Protection helps control how information is used and copied between devices, and continuously backs up data for anytime/anywhere accessibility to enhance preservation, compliance and archiving capabilities.
  • A suite of data governance and privacy tools is available with Office 365 to help financial service companies automate policies for retention, expiration and deletion of data.

Enable Microsoft 365 Endpoint Security Features

Look for devices with the latest biometric technologies. Fingerprint readers and infrared (IR) cameras allow users to quickly log in without needing to remember passwords, and IT can set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased security. This is especially beneficial in environments where staff are logging in multiple times per day.

Encrypt all of the data on your endpoint devices by using BitLocker, part of Windows 10 Pro. This enables you to perform a one-off full disk encryption ensuring any future data stored on the device is encrypted, and making it virtually impossible for customer financial data to be accessed in the event a device is lost or stolen. BitLocker requires devices to have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). As you look to refresh and replace devices, ask manufacturers for a hardware (rather than software) TPM to maximize security.

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

Give web-conferencing users a major upgrade by sourcing devices that have 2MP (1080p) webcams for video and dual array mics with noise-reduction technology that lowers background noise and boosts comprehension for all participants.

The average financial services user will type somewhere between 500,000 to 1 million words on their device per year* so why not test keyboards on desktops and notebooks with your end users and seek their feedback before acquiring new devices?

Microsoft 365 also has some "hidden" features that dramatically improve collaboration, creativity and communication through the use of "inking." Only touchscreen devices with digital pens can leverage such features as sketching and signing documents. But inking features go far beyond this; users can "mark up" documents with feedback and notes for recipients to play them back in the order they were written; highlight and annotate information across multiple documents and web pages; quickly create diagrams; and jot down intelligent notes and reminders via Sticky Notes and Cortana.

* Lenovo human factors research, 2016

3 Considerations for the "Perfect" Keyboard

Ultimately the perceived "quality" of a keyboard comes down to a fine balance between key travel, resistance and, sometimes, layout.

  • Key travel: How far the keys can be pressed down… bigger is not always better and shorter key travel can be uncomfortable when typing for prolonged periods.
  • Resistance: Also known as "feedback," resistance determines how much "feeling" users get from typing.
  • Layout: Numeric keypads are essential in the financial industry.
Get More Out of Your Microsoft 365 Deployment

With Office 365...we have the tools required to deliver a competitive level of service in the digital age, while maintaining the regulatory compliance that is imperative in our industry.


  • Many of our PCs and tablets have the latest encryption chips integrated, supporting use of BitLocker. This Windows 10 Pro feature enables users to encrypt all data stored on the device.
  • Upgrade your PC web conferencing experience with Office 365 and by sourcing Lenovo devices with 720p or 1080p web cams, and dual array mics with noise-reduction technology.
  • Leverage Microsoft 365’s “inking” features to dramatically improve collaboration, creativity and communication, using Lenovo touchscreen devices with digital pens.