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A new era of work requires a new era of technology

The Lenovo ThinkPad® Z Series reinvents the premium enterprise mobile experience for IT teams with features to enhance productivity and collaboration, decrease support requests, and increase employee retention. The business-ready AMD RyzenTM PRO 6000 Series processor in the Z Series is the first AMD processor to feature the enhanced security of Microsoft Pluton. Learn in our starter guide how to accelerate a modern workspace and how to prepare your IT for the next generation of users.


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Innovation for the modern workspace

How are today’s IT leaders building the workspace of the future in an era when work happens everywhere? Discover ways to adapt to the new workforce in our solutions guide.

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of tech leaders say support requests have spiked with the rise of remote work.1


IT in the aftermath of The Great Resignation

For forward-looking companies, this is an opportunity to restructure their organization to match the needs of the next-generation workforce and attract the most talented workers.


Top 4 work-from-anywhere challenges facing IT teams

Discover the top work-from-anywhere (WFA) challenges IT teams face, and how a new generation of technology is ready to help.


Security going deeper

Intrinsic security means getting down to the chip. Continuous security means enhancing the entire stack. How will IT teams handle both?

Innovation for the next generation of users

Discover how to improve collaboration, embrace sustainability, and provide intrinsic security for the modern user in our solutions guide.

Did you know?


of millennials say sustainability affects how long they stay at a company.2


4 ways your end users are changing

How does the technology you currently provide measure up to the changing face and pace of work?


The most overlooked challenge in employee experience

Most new workers rate sustainability as make-or-break in their technology. How can IT teams meet the demand?


Meet the next-generation workforce

Millennials inspired digital disruption, motivating the generations born before them to adopt technology. As they step into leadership roles, they are listening closely to Generation Z.

The ThinkPad Z Series

Did you know?


of workers have left a job due to technology.3


Improve the IT experience for a new generation

Dive deep into how IT professionals are stepping up to meet WFA challenges with improved devices, managed services, and sustainable practices.


Take a closer look at the ThinkPad Z Series

Open the box to see the unique features and specifications of the Z Series that make this the perfect laptop for your hybrid workforce.

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1 Adobe Workfront, “The 2021 State of Work,” March 25, 2021

2 HRDive, “Green companies make the greenest pastures,” February 2019

3 Nextthink, “The Experience 2020 Report,” April 2021