Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing the Retail Experience

Today’s digital consumer has high expectations. They want what they want, and they want it yesterday. Retailers who can provide it, will profit. To remain competitive, companies need to invest in new technologies to offer the personalized, real-time digital experiences that consumers demand.

Catering to Our On-Demand Economy
From instant video streaming on Netflix to same-day online home delivery, people are getting more and more used to instant gratification. Because of this, modern retailers must implement enhanced options such as an optimized inventory system and supply chain efficiencies to ensure that they meet customer expectations.

Using Smartphones and Tablets for POS
With growth in online shopping, retail outlets are paying more attention to what customers want and expect, and are re-envisioning themselves to offer experiential shopping. By providing quick, easy checkouts, POS can actually help seal the deal, and utilizing all-in-ones and tablets in a virtualized environment can aid in enhancing POS experiences.

Personalization Efforts
According to Forbes, personalization helps drive customer loyalty. To understand customer behaviors and preferences, big data analytics and AI is being deployed by multiple retail organizations. Visualizing this information to better understand trends and patterns leads to better decision making and custom experiences. Workstations with the right accessories, like multiple monitors, can create a more efficient and robust process for data analysis and subsequent action.

Keeping Customer Data Safe and Secure
From in-store WiFi to mobile apps and POS systems, retail is ripe for cyberattacks. Businesses must prioritize customer data protection. Consider the following:

1. Hardware based user authentication on endpoint devices: these are almost impossible to hack
2. Port safety: data can't be stolen via USB ports
3. Cloud based data backup: in the case of ransomware attacks, critical data isn't lost and there's no downtime

Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing the Retail Experience

42% of decision makers say that technological changes will have the greatest effect on business decisions over the next 12 months.

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