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Collaboration Solutions That Make
Meetings Seamless, Productive and Fun

Your New-Gen workforce is driven to work smarter. Lenovo makes it happen with conferencing solutions that turn any room into a meeting room and with Smart Hubs and AR/VR solutions that offer unique capabilities to remote workers to elevate workforce productivity.

If there’s a smarter way to get things done, your New-Gen employees want it.

Looking for the right collaboration tools? Find the perfect fit in our Transforming Collaboration eBook.


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Protect Identities and DataIn the Office and On the Go

As you reimagine the workplace and the way work gets done, security is a critical factor. Every day brings new cyber threats, especially for businesses with limited IT resources, or with a large number of mobile employees.  And consider this...

of security breaches in small businesses are caused by innocent human error.3

Lenovo ThinkShield Smarter Security solutions provides comprehensive protection that secures your business without slowing down your people. So you don't have to put limits on your people—just give them smarter devices and accessories with Lenovo's smarter solutions and services.

3 Kaspersky: "Small Business IT Security Practical Guide"

Get More Done with Accessories
That Expand Device Capabilities

The right ecosystem of accessories is a force multiplier for your New-Gen employees. For instance, large-screen monitors can improve productivity by as much as 40 per cent.

From an ultra-light ThinkVision P44w-10 Monitor to Lenovo VoIP 360 Camera Speaker for on-the-go video conferencing, Lenovo’s family of smarter accessories helps your workforce get more done—wherever work takes them.

Looking to elevate your device experience? Find the right accessories in the Accessories Guide.


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They Need Faster, Hassle-free Support That Prevents Productivity Interruptions

42% of the SMBs believe their internal IT team is not equipped or trained to manage all device problems.4 Comprehensive support of a trusted partner is critical to troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues, recover valuable data, and expedite device repair or replacement. 

Here’s how Lenovo helps:

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Premier Support: 
Improve IT efficiency through dedicated phone support that provides direct access to advanced-level technicians and next business day repair.

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Extended Warranty: 
Protect your Lenovo technology investments by extending the warranty for up to five years, depending on the device, model, and country of purchase.

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Accidental Damage Protection:    
Gain peace of mind with damage/replacement coverage for common accidents such as drops, spills, or electrical surges.

Lenovo SMB Study Commissioned with Forrester Research - July 2019

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Plan Your Workplace Transformation Journey

Reaping the rewards of workplace transformation requires smarter technologies that enable your workforce to perform at full potential. But where do you start on your workplace transformation journey? How do you determine which smarter technologies best suit your organization's needs?

The Lenovo Workplace Transformation Buyer's Guide can help. Use the convenient self-assessment to determine where you are on your transformation journey, and the smarter technologies that can help your employees reach maximum potential in their job roles.

Learn how you can do it right for your New-Gen workforce through Lenovo's Workplace Transformation Buyer's Guide.


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