Thinkshield data security

Go Ahead. Go Online. Your Hacker is Waiting.

Thinkshield - Go ahead. Go online. Your hacker is waiting.

Shield your company. 

“Free WiFi” sounds inviting. Who doesn’t want to sit at the local coffee shop and get work done? But an unsecured connection also invites thieves, opening the door of your device—and your company—to devastating attacks.

ThinkShield by Lenovo is the first comprehensive security suite for business to include online security solutions. Your organization cannot ignore the mounting threats associated with network hacking. Give the bad guys an inch, and they’ll take, well, everything. 

  • Windows 10 Defender to block hackers from access to data, the device, and your network.
  • BUFFERZONE online sandboxing to compartmentalize  access and prevent hacking.2
  • Lenovo Endpoint Management powered by MobileIron® to keep on-the-go employees secure.
  • Lenovo WiFi Security with Coronet® to ensure a safe connection with risk analysis and warnings.

This is no time to compromise. With ThinkShield by Lenovo, you won’t have to. Learn more at