ThinkShield: Enterprise Computing Solutions

Comprehensive and customizable end-to-end protection that secures your business without slowing down your people.

Smarter technology for all.

ThinkShield is Lenovo’s portfolio of secure hardware, software, and services.

Secure Supply Chain

Secure Supply Chain

Rigorous, trackable, and auditable security standards are built into every step of our secure and transparent supply chain.

Lenovo Innovations

Lenovo Innovations

Every new Lenovo product is secure by design, with secure hardware engineered by the makers of the world’s most trusted business PCs.

World-Class Partners

World-Class Partners

We’ve partnered with the industry’s most trusted security providers to provide deeper and broader protections.

Built-in Platform Security
Device Protection
Threat + Data Protection
Security Management

Working together to fortify your business

Enhance your ThinkShield protection with products powered by the Intel vPro®™ platform. Intel & Lenovo collaborate to offer robust security solutions to address threats to devices ranging from hardware, data and threat protection, mobility, infrastructure, and edge security.

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Organizations that score in the top 25% on employee experience report 3x greater return on assets

Endpoint security that’s more usable for both admins and end-users

ThinkShield locks down your data without slowing down your people, offering automated and intelligent solutions that make your IT team more capable as defenders and growers of your business while staying out of the end user’s way.

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