Industry Has Been Slow to Embrace Digital Transformation

Emerging technologies are on the precipice of ushering in a new era of increased design and construction productivity, quality, and efficiency. Yet, a study by McKinsey has rated the speed at which the construction sector is travelling towards a digital future as low, just above agriculture.*

Top Challenges Keeping up with the Digital Revolution

According to the 2017 ConTech report by JBKnowledge, lack of IT staff, budget, and employee reluctance are the most limiting factors.** However, there is significant interest to embrace technology. According to a 2017 KPMG survey, 72% of respondents say that technology innovation or use of data plays a prominent role in their strategic plan or vision.***

Disrupt or be Disrupted

Other industries have shown that first movers build a competitive advantage that endures. The adoption of technology gives firms ways to streamline the design process, use data to make informed decisions, and run through iterative processes more efficiently. It also aids in product quality by fostering better communication between clients and other project stakeholders. Technology adoption helps companies thrive in a highly competitive environment. IT and business leaders must develop a roadmap that accelerates the adoption curve and focuses on IT staffing and capabilities to implement digitization projects.

Take the 1st Step Towards DX with Intelligent Endpoint Devices

Architecture, engineering and construction firms can maximize their DX investment by selecting endpoint devices that deliver security, managability, and performance via innovative form factors that power productivity.

  • Built-in security at hardware and OS level- Get the latest technology or upgrade to Windows 10 Pro immediately till your next refresh cycle. Intel® Authenticate, built into some Lenovo PCs, provides hardware-enabled multifactor authentication. Windows 10 Pro protects against loss of business information when a device is lost or stolen with BitLocker.
  • Built-in remote management and smart diagnostics - IT managers can remotely discover, repair and protect networked computing assets even if they're shut down, or corrupt with devices powered by 8th Gen Intel® vPro™ processors that include Intel® Active Management Technology. Wipe data and delete encryption keys in seconds using built in Intel® Remote Secure Erase. Help users identify and diagnose problems with ThinkPad SmartBeep Diagnostics and smartphone app.
  • Components that deliver uncompromising performance and productivity - ThinkPads are built with unidirectional, not woven, carbon fiber for superior strength and rigidity. ThinkPad X1 devices reinforce areas that are subjected to extra stress, like the palm rest, with magnesium metal.
  • Innovative form factors - Keep your users and their job duties in mind when evaluating form factors and device-level innovations. For non-mobile users, Lenovo's ThinkCentre Tiny offers great power, performance while saving space and reducing clutter. Mobile users such as customer-facing executives, will appreciate the flexible devices like ThinkPad Yoga.
* McKinsey Global Institute Industry Digitization Index
** 2017 Construction Technology Report, JB Knowledge
*** KPMG Make it or Break it 2017, Global Construction Survey
Industry Has Been Slow to Embrace Digital Transformation

Adopting and mainstreaming digital & other new technologies, such as advances in robotics and AI, will be a game-changer for the industry, speeding up the otherwise slow-and-steady modernisation of the sector.


  • Lenovo offers smart endpoint devices that are adaptable, connected and productive. From convertible devices that are both tablet and laptop, to dual-band WiFi and 4G data connectivity, to the legendary ThinkPad productivity keyboard – our device portfolio will help your teams work effectively from anywhere.
  • Our wide range of devices come with hardware-enhanced identity protection such as Intel® Authenticate, and Windows 10 Pro security features like Windows Information Protection and BitLocker to protect devices and data.