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5 Everything as a Service (XaaS) trends impacting employee experience

Incorporating Xaas from IT infrastructure, or employee devices designed on the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform, built for what IT needs and users want. By combining hardware, software, services and support together through a single source, users can harness customized, just-what-I-needed experience.

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Device As A Service (DaaS) and Managed Services

How do you ensure your teams have the latest devices to thrive and can still provide them with support, all on a tight, modern day budget? Lenovo DaaS and Managed Services are the answer, offering flexible, customized solutions.


Empower with device Flexibility

DaaS provides a fully managed model combining hardware, services, and software into a single, configurable, and secured solution with a predictable affordable periodic fee

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Lenovo DaaS

Discover the smarter simplicity of Device as a Service

Lenovo DaaS can take care of managing your entire device lifecycle so your employees can stay dedicated to your clients.

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Security for today and beyond

Security is challenging in today’s work-from-anywhere world. But technology has leapt forward with protections designed to fortify the remote workplace, secure devices and how they access your network, and powerful, built-in security with Windows 10 Pro.

[Modern Workplace] Equip workforce

Equip your workforce to thrive in a flexible future

We have a range of hardware, software, and services to enable, safe and secure modern IT.

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The future of work: A global study

Lenovo’s new Future of Work study surveyed businesses around the world. We uncovered the insights you can use today to evolve and thrive.

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[Modern Workplace] Enabling a flex

Enabling a flexible workforce

Your teams now work from anywhere. Lenovo can equip your workforce to thrive, by helping them stay productive, collaborative and ensuring their security.

[Modern Workplace] Business continuity

Ensuring business continuity

Keep the business humming regardless of where your teams works from. Lenovo has the devices and solutions to reduce risk and downtime dramatically.

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