Maximizing & Enhancing Learning in the Digital Era

Digital Transformation (DX) has introduced multiple opportunities in the education sector. From technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to gamification, the possibilities are vast for more effective teaching, and enhanced student engagement and learning. In fact, more than 3/4 of students said technology aided successful course completion according to an EDUCAUSE study.

Creating Digital Districts and Connected Campuses

Schools and universities are rapidly transforming to meet new demands of students and educators. The right end-user devices and technologies are becoming a requirement. PCs, accessories and technologies that provide always-on, anywhere access to content are essential for improving teaching and learning, and accelerating positive outcomes for students.

Enhanced Learning through Gamification

Gamification enables increased engagement through learning, creativity, collaboration and healthy competition between students. No wonder it's becoming a popular teaching methodology. The right PCs with powerful processing, high-quality graphics and collaboration features, are now required for better learning experiences.

Making Immersive Learning Opportunities a Reality

Augmented and virtual reality technologies offer real life and practical simulation environments for experiential learning. VR PCs and accessories deliver memorable learning experiences. No surprise that both VR and AR apps are now starting to be used in classrooms, delivering engaging content and enhancing student collaboration.

Maximizing & Enhancing Learning in the Digital Era

59% of decision-makers are currently undergoing a digital transformation

Forrester Global Business Survey, 2016