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Smarter education for every age
Lenovo EDU blends hardware, software and services to provide a comprehensive learning environment.
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Encourage learning without limitation
Modern classrooms have to cover a lot of ground, extending far beyond four walls, and existing in a hybrid space, between physical and digital locations.
Lenovo EDU offers a specially developed portfolio of hardware, software and services that makes it easy for students and teachers to connect, collaborate and engage from anywhere.
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25% of educators believe technology will positively impact student education in the coming years.
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During the pandemic, up to 1.37 billion students worldwide adapted to learning from home.
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20% of educational systems are focussing on cost-reduction. Distance learning and support can free up valuable resources.
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Virtual classrooms keep students connected, with Microsoft Teams supporting 183,000 educational institutions in 2020.
What we’ve learned about learning
Improve the learning experience for teachers and students alike. This new report, conducted by specialists YouGov and Terrapin, looks at how technology has transformed education during the past year. With responses from students, parents and educators from 12 markets in Asia Pacific, find out how we can take remote education to the next level.
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Cover more ground, more effectively
Focusing on productivity might seem more fitting for a boardroom, rather than a classroom. However, as digitization sweeps through the educational sector, it presents an opportunity for students and teachers to find smarter and more efficient ways of working. See how technology is driving more productive use of time in this executive summary.
Smarter technology at every stage of development
Unlock your students’ full potential with tailored solutions that are designed to enhance education. Accelerate learning outcomes, and ensure security wherever your students are working.
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K-12 Education
See how Lenovo supports the development of your K-12 students.
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Higher Education
Discover innovative solutions that enable learning at a higher level.
Windows 11


Spark discovery without
compromising security

Meet Windows 11 SE and upgrade to Windows 11, reimagined for a new era of the digital classroom and built to help K-12 educators unlock every student’s full potential.



chromebook 500
Powerful devices, built for education
We design our range of Lenovo EDU devices to withstand accidental knocks, drops and spills, while anchored keyboards can resist being pried apart by curious students. Keep homework safe and secure with the built-in enhanced security features from the Intel vPro® platform. And get a FREE upgrade to Windows 111 (When available, see below)
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ThinkPad E14 Gen 2
Learning can happen anywhere, and the second generation of the ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 laptop is made to move.
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ThinkPad T14
This highly customisable laptop can be configured to deliver outstanding performance, whatever your needs.
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ThinkPad P1 Gen 3
Take on complex design and modelling projects with the powerful graphics of this tough, mobile workstation.
End-to-end services
for education
Enabling teachers and students with powerful, innovative devices is just one part of the story. That’s why we provide end-to-end management and support services that help you unlock even more value from your technology investment.
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Lenovo Premier
Upgrade your experience with 24/7 assistance from experienced technicians.
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Accidental damage
Protect your devices from unexpected damage that isn’t covered by warranty.
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Cut down on unexpected costs and keep your students up and running.
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Remote device
Enable real-time control and support, wherever your devices are being used.
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Cloud-based app
Keep applications up-to-date or enable new permissions when they’re needed.
Explore smarter education solutions
Adapt your educational approach to keep up with the latest advances in technology. Our tailored solutions enable greater collaboration between remote teachers and students, and unlock new learning opportunities.
Education Software
Discover a digital alternative to traditional classrooms with our range of tools and services.
Inspire passion, foster new friendships and teach valuable skills with our Esports solution.
Hybrid Classroom
Connect with students in digital and physical classrooms simultaneously, wherever they are.
VR Classroom
Bring your students’ imagination to life and help them explore immersive new experiences.

Smarter protection, valuable security

Safeguard your students as they browse from remote locations, and protect valuable data from phishing attacks or malware with our customisable, end-to-end security solution.

Working together to drive inspiration

Lenovo works with industry leaders to deliver the best educational experiences. Rely on best-in-class performance with the support of our partners.


Take a wider view of Lenovo EDU

Our range of solutions creates exciting learning opportunities, supporting a diversity of educational approaches and requirements. Explore how institutions are leveraging the power of Lenovo EDU solutions.


Bringing eSports to college

Carolina Gaming has worked with Lenovo to provide educational gaming experiences for higher education. This detailed whitepaper makes the case for investing in an eSports program.


Press start on Carolina Gaming Arena

See the gaming experiences Lenovo technology can create for your students in this video that explores the eSports arena created with Carolina Gaming.


Creating immersive educational experiences

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies have transformed education at Ithaca College, this blog explains the benefits they found in working with Lenovo.


Supporting Special Educational Needs

Learn how Lenovo EDU has enabled schools and outreach programs to adapt to lockdown, continuing to support students and community members with complex learning difficulties.


Building career opportunities with eSports

Hear from Lenovo Global eSports Solutions Manager, Jeff Palumbo, about jobs that are popping up in the games industry, and opportunities at universities worldwide.


Follow the success of Seton Hall Uni

Read about the development of Seton Hall’s eSports lab and gaming program, from its inception to intermural competition and success, even in the face of Covid-19.

Want to learn more?

Lenovo EDU provides technology to inspire change and growth for educational institutions of every size. For more information about how we can help you innovate education, get in touch.

1. The Windows 11 upgrade will be delivered to qualifying devices late 2021 into 2022. Timing will vary by device. Certain features require specifc hardware (see