ThinkSmart and Logitech

Smarter rethinks collaboration

ThinkSmart and Logitech

ThinkSmart Core Logitech New

Powering collaboration in a hybrid work world

Innovative technology is helping to meet the challenges of acute disruption


Modern workplaces are built on dynamic, future-ready solutions. For many, enhancing employee experience is now becoming a top priority, which means improving flexibility, remote work and collaboration through technology.


Smarter solutions with ThinkSmart and Logitech

Working together on collaboration innovation


As technology providers, we have a shared vision of simple, frictionless, efficient collaboration. We’ve developed flexible solutions for a range of use cases, with choices for UC platform, room size, peripherals and accessories.

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ThinkSmart Core Logitech New

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core + Logitech Tap Room Kits

Easily create hybrid workspaces


Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub + Logitech Rally

Seamless video-conferencing for large rooms


Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager + Logitech Sync

Simplify remote device management


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Making sure that teams can stay connected in a hybrid working environment is vital for success in the modern workplace. Find out more about how our Smart Collaboration portfolio can enhance your productivity and workflow efficiency.


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