Intro to a Complete IT Solution

Device as a Service & the move to the consumption model

Consumption Models
Customer behavior is changing. They want to pay for exactly what they want, when they want it, and eliminate unnecessary waste. They want to be dealt with as an individual, not as a segment. They no longer want mass market products but complete customization to fit their specific needs. As customers demand customization, new business models have arisen to accommodate them, and the consumption model will naturally continue to spread into nontraditional industries.

Subscription-based selling is nothing new. Companies like magazine publishers have been off ering their goods and services for a monthly fee for years. However, more recently, a large number of industries have begun to pivot away from traditional go-to-market approaches to better meet customers’ expectations.

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon Prime, and Spotify off er subscription-based services for products and services that have been around for decades. The PC and Smart Device industry is no diff erent. It is yet another industry that recognizes the need for customization and has introduced an innovative way to meet the demands of its business customers.