Kaijima corporation customer success story hero image
A Customer Success Story: Kajima Corporation
Lenovo’s mobile workstations pair seamlessly with VR & AI technology for a complete package.
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Video Infographic: Transforming Productivity
Meetings Are Not the Problem, the Tools Are!
Whitepaper 1
Whitepaper: How New Trends In Computing Are Helping Us Work More Efficiently And Safer Than Ever?
There is a revolution in how professionals are multitasking, and in the productivity gains that can be achieved through a focused investment on technology to facilitate it.
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Difference Makers Success Story Podcast: Tech Directions for 2026
TJ McCue, technology contributor for Forbes, breaks down where technology has been, where it’s going, and how it will affect working environments going forward.
Customer Success Story: Smart shopping carts hero image
A Customer Success Story: Smart Shopping Carts by SmartCart OY
Finnish technology company Smartcart Oy is bringing a smarter, richer and more personal way to shop – with digitized shopping carts powered by reliable Lenovo Tab 4 tablets.
Case Study: Engel
A Customer Success Story: ENGEL
ENGEL adopts IT standardization as a winning strategy
Hologram Upgrade Banner
The average desk is getting an AR hologram upgrade
The average desk is getting an AR hologram upgrade
Mare No Strum
Mare Nostrum: The Supercomputer Center of Torre Girona
The hallowed supercomputer that does 13,677 trillion operations a second
Friendly Infrastructure Banner
GDPR Compliant Infrastructure: How Easy is it to Implement?
How easy is it to implement a GDPR-friendly infrastructure?
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Move fast or be left behind
Move fast or be left behind