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  1. 1,000
    $500 / device $2000 / device

    Consider all the equipment you provide for users—PCs, smartphones, monitors, etc.

  2. 3
    1 year 5 years

    How often do you replace the devices you provide? If the cycles vary (e.g., monitors are replaced less frequently), go with the PC refresh cycle.

  3. 1,000
    100 100,000+

    How many users require a PC/tablet/smartphone?

  4. 50
    0% 100%

    How many work primarily outside the office?

  5. 27
    10 100

    Be sure to consider provisioning, help desk, etc.

  6. 50,000
    $20,000 $100,000+

    This is used to calculate productivity value.

  7. 60,000
    $20,000 $100,000+

    This is used to calculate efficiency value.

  8. 5
    0% 15%

    For headcount changes, seasonal workers, breakage, downtime, etc.

  9. 2
    1 10

    Security incidents that require IT attention (clicking on a phishing email, malware, etc.).

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Your Lenovo DaaS total cost of ownership savings

Based on the selected replacement/refresh cycle

Total cost of ownership
(TCO) savings

Total cost of ownership
(TCO) savings %

Lower costs over replacement cycle while
freeing IT resources

With Lenovo DaaS, your IT staff can focus on mission-critical projects and leave the day-to-day tasks to our world-class Premier Support team.

Traditional Procurement
Lenovo DaaS

Lower initial costs allow acceleration and scale

Using Lenovo DaaS allows you to equip more users for less upfront cost, plus you can flex your solution up or down, or even pause, during the cycle.

Traditional Procurement
Lenovo DaaS

Deliver even more value through improved user productivity and security

With reduced downtime and fewer security incidents, your IT staff and users can focus on their work and enjoy a better overall employee experience.

Total Lenovo DaaS value:

Security efficiencies
User productivity
TCO savings

Calculations are based on provided inputs and reports by Forrester, IDC, and other research and industry experts. All values reflected herein are used for example. Results are indicative only and not an offer of acceptance. Please reach out to a Lenovo representative for more information.


Traditional Model

DaaS Model

Outputs for PDF

Chart1 - Total hardware spend over cycle

Chart2 - IT staffing cost over cycle

Chart3 - Total cost over cycle

Chart4 - Total hardware spend over cycle

Chart5 - IT staffing cost over cycle

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