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The power of technology – improving patient care everywhere, from anywhere.

Whether you’re an IT professional, a practicing clinician, or an administrator in a healthcare environment, you share a common end goal; to improve the care and wellbeing of patients.

In the transition to virtual health, Lenovo expertise extends to the entire healthcare landscape.

Underpinned by world-class innovation and over a decade’s proven healthcare experience, Lenovo solutions offer quality, reliable devices that support privacy and security.

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Holistic approach

We deliver healthcare-specific, end-to‑end cloud, security and mobility solutions across the entire healthcare landscape


Proven capability

Lenovo solutions are in use by over 3,000 healthcare organizations, in over 100 markets worldwide


It’s all in the data

Each patient generates 80 megabytes of medical data annually; using it wisely, and keeping it safe, is paramount.1


Virtual delivery made real

50% of healthcare executives foresee virtual delivery accounting for a quarter of all care—inpatient as well as outpatient—by 2040.2

Healthcare delivery, reimagined

As healthcare changes, the way you work and the tools you employ change too.
Discover how Lenovo solutions meet your needs today, and over time.


Connecting humans, with smarter technology

Healthcare is ultimately about people. Whatever your role, the challenges are complex;
to meet them, the solutions outlined here are insightful, and based on our deep practical experience.


Security: Built-in protection for patients, data, and devices

Lenovo security solutions for healthcare simplify the deployment and management of defense and protection technologies.

From the core of the infrastructure to every endpoint. Lenovo ThinkShield, our portfolio of secure hardware, software and services, provides end-to-end protection.


Virtual Health Solutions

Lenovo solutions improve clinical workflows, provide virtual healthcare solutions, and enable remote radiology reading. They deliver a seamless experience running evaluation tools and accessing medical images with powerful workstation solutions, and build devices for repeated, thorough disinfection.


Virtual Visits

Lenovo Virtual Visits connects healthcare providers with patients online. So you can be there, even when you can’t.

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Virtual Care by Vianova

This robust, customizable platform helps clinicians extend their reach, and deliver better outcomes for chronically ill patients.

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Virtual Rounding

Lenovo Virtual Rounding preserves valuable face-to-face time, making daily rounds more efficient, convenient, and safe.

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Virtual Care Solution

Boosts patient engagement and care plan adherence, reduce readmission rates, and improve patient outcomes – with no extra burden on healthcare providers.

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Virtual Care

Faster adoption of technology enables new models of care delivery and improves outcomes, patient experience, system costs, and clinician well-being.

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Virtual Rounding video

See how Lenovo technology and Microsoft Teams enable smart patient care – from anywhere.

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Virtual Anatomy Solutions Flyer
Virtual Anatomy Solutions

Together, ToLTech® application software and Lenovo hardware, integration know-how and on-going support, produce stunningly realistic images at 4K resolution.

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Healthcare IT transformation

Healthcare data is set to grow at a compound rate of 36% through 2025. IT teams are expected to be responsible for three time more endpoints by 2023 than in 2018.

Lenovo helps you to prepare for and keep pace with the constant evolution of technology and healthcare best practices. From agile data centers and hybrid cloud architectures, to ultra-compact and powerful endpoints such as thin clients, we can help you apply digital technologies to boost efficiency and transform care delivery.

A connected, virtualized healthcare enterprise

Lenovo thin clients simplify device selection, deployment and management, so IT teams can securely and compliantly mobilize healthcare data and applications.

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Devices designed for healthcare: a CIO’s guide

New endpoint devices are needed to support rapidly emerging technologies – advanced cloud access points, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), IoT, and edge computing.

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Lenovo client virtualization solutions for Citrix

A powerful solution to meet healthcare’s need for flexibility and global availability of compute resources, while managing security and compliance on mobile devices.

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Lenovo client virtualization Solutions for VMware Horizon

Centrally manage the desktop image within the data center, rather than at the remote worker or office location.

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Lenovo Scalable Infrastructure (LeSI) for healthcare

A fulfilment framework for designing, manufacturing, integrating, and delivering data center solutions, LeSI enables you to focus on maximizing business value.

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VDI for healthcare: the benefits

Increase data security while offering any device, anytime, anywhere flexibility. Data is retained in a central and secure data center, not a local workstation or mobile device.

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Population Health

As the as patient populations age, and costs of care escalate, strategies for managing the health of a community, including preventive care, are a critical consideration.

Lenovo workstation and server infrastructure solutions provide the platform for artificial intelligence that can turn population data into effective education and care programs, as well as providing personalized and supportive patient experiences.

AI: Transforming healthcare

Artificial Intelligence will transform healthcare. It’s expected to improve patient outcomes by 30%. Get the big picture on Lenovo’s contribution, in this short video.

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GOAST: Genomics Optimization and Scalability Tool.

Lenovo works with this Intel® Select Solution for Genomics Analytics, which enables precision medicine at the population scale.

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Accelerating High Performance Computing (HPC) for population-level genomics

With Precision Medicine the hope is to deliver individualized prevention, diagnosis, and treatment by leveraging a person’s genetic background. Lenovo is making that possible.

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AI and the future of healthcare

From computer-driven analysis for clinical decision support, to streamlining clinical and administrative workflows, and moving precision medicine forward, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by Lenovo has much to offer healthcare.

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Where performance meets the needs of healthcare

Take a look at some of the latest Lenovo solutions for healthcare.

ThinkPad T14 Healthcare Edition

Secure patient data and optimize clinical workflows with a ThinkPad designed from the ground up for healthcare.

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ThinkCentre M90n/M90n IoT

The compact, modular 0.35L PC that gives you all the power of a full-sized desktop with extra workspace to get things done, fast.

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ThinkCentre M90a All-in-one

Take productivity to the next level with this all-in-one that includes cutting-edge AI security technology.

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ThinkCentre T1024 Gen 4

The innovative Tiny-in-One solution offered maximum upgrade and maintenance efficiency, while solving cable management and workspace issues. Now, the fourth generation adds 22- and 24-inch options.

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ThinkPad P1

The power you need. The machine you want.

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img-ThinkPad-P14s i
ThinkPad-P14s i

Lenovo’s lightest mobile workstation.

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Case Studies and Customer Stories:

See what our customers have to say about how Lenovo technology, services, and solutions made a difference for their healthcare organizations.

Convenant Health

Adam Sherwood of Convenant Health discusses VDI and Hyperconvergence.

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Academic Medical Center

Learn how ThinkPad laptops became an integral part of an academic health system’s clinical and administrative workflows.

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img cancer-reseaerch
Cancer Research Center

Learn how this institute deployed the ThinkPad® T14 Healthcare Edition to ensure the security of patient data across the organization.

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Juniper Medical Center

From check-in to bedside, office to data center, healthcare IT solutions enable a full integrated EMP for Juniper Medical Center.

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The medical device company that gained access to previously unattainable workflows with Lenovo workstations.

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Partners in healthcare

Lenovo partners with industry leaders to deliver the best healthcare experiences. Together, we deliver constant innovation and best-in-class performance.


Get the latest news and insight from Lenovo’s healthcare specialists.

Getting virtual care right

Three essentials to transform chronic disease management at home.

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Healthcare cybersecurity

3 studies you need to know about.

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Cleaning & disinfecting devices

Keep your hands-on devices safe for hands – and patients and coworkers.

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Virtual rounding

The next best thing to being there: virtual bedside rounding by videoconference.

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