Modernize your workplace for success

Modernize your workplace for success

Modernizing your workplace is vital in the new world of work. However, keeping it up to date creates strong demands on IT and it can be costly. There is a way to stay ahead without the cost by turning to online operations and managed services. This way, your employee’s can enjoy a modern way of working with the same experience, wherever they are.



Over the past year, our approach to and the way we work has completely transformed. Flexibility is key and working from home is the norm.

94% of businesses like yours have added online operations or have gone completely online. The world of work is rapidly changing and it’s important to have the right tools to keep up and compete.

Employees now expect truly flexible working that offers the same experience, whether they are working at home or in the office. To do this, you need solutions that streamline the management, scalability and modernization of devices.


Embrace digital transformation

With the way we work changing, it’s no surprise that 80% of companies now consider it a necessity to continue accelerating their digital transformation.

Providing the right technology is what enables employees to work smart, efficiently and truly flexibly. Our ThinkVision range levels up your desktop set up to increase comfort and boost productivity, wherever you’re working.

Over the past year, home offices have often been cramped and are a compromise for employees who prefer the office. With Lenovo’s ThinkVision monitors, we are here to change that.

From high-quality displays that reduce eye strain to increased productivity thanks to products built for multitasking and focus.


Grow comfortably

Happy employees are productive employees. Allow your team to produce their best work in a modern workplace.

An important step in digital transformation is scalability. You need to be able to grow comfortably to meet your business demands. This can put pressure on your IT department which requires a bigger budget to meet the needs of digital transformation.

Lenovo offers a solution in the form of Device as a Service (DaaS) which 63% of businesses are interested in as a subscription. DaaS offers industry-leading hardware and Lenovo Premier support, all in a simple monthly payment subscription.

Supply your team with modern PCs packed with smart features for productivity, get reports on the scaling up of your technology, make smarter choices and enjoy Lenovo’s tech support. You can comfortably scale up your technology with support to ensure a reliable digital transformation.


Accelerate your digital evolution

Transform your workplace to a work-from-anywhere workplace by fast-tracking your digital transformation. Over the past year, digital transformation strategies that should have taken three years were done in three months without additional investment or resources.

In order to sustain this transformation, the Lenovo DIY Deployment kit offers a bundle of Lenovo services to help IT deploy and manage their devices. This gives IT teams more control with minimal setup, allowing employees to get to work on their new devices instantly.

If your IT team is currently thinly stretched, the Lenovo DIY Deployment kit will be invaluable in providing comprehensive deployment and maintenance solutions to ease upfront work.


Cost-effective modernization

For your business to get ahead, you need to stay up to date with modernization. We understand that digital transformation is challenging which is why Lenovo Managed IT Services provides practical, cost-effective and scalable ways for IT decision-makers to free up their time and turn their attention towards strategic matters.

Lenovo is here to help you confidently embrace digital transformation with subscription services that take the pressure off IT and give employees their ideal flexible workplace.

Discover how DaaS is accelerating the modern workplace


The future of work as we know it has never been more exciting. To find out more about the bigger picture Lenovo has in store, click the link below.

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