Deep work for deeply productive working, anywhere.

Deep work for deeply productive working, anywhere.

The way we will work in the future is clear. Flexible working is here to stay. Some 99% of people say they’d like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers1. While the route to make the change to hybrid working was all too challenging and sudden, it did lead to greater innovation. Success now depends on technologies that can boost collabo-ration and productivity for a work-anywhere workforce.




Make the future work

It’s a real point of differentiation for enterprises. To gain the edge over competitors means no longer relying on what just ‘works’ but looking for solutions that can meet the challenges of what comes next.

And in this pursuit of the new, it’s important to provide solutions that keep today’s smartphone-savvy workforce happy.

As Forrester found, employee satisfaction with tech has a big impact. For a workforce where ease-of-use is a prime consideration, investing in IT that creates a better user experience can lead to five times the return in productivity2.

It’s not difficult to understand why. When there are so many distractions during the working day it’s important to make sure that getting the tech to work isn’t another one.


Go deep, go further

With smart tech your users have more time to focus on deep work, that time when they feel completely ‘in the zone’ and fully absorbed in what they’re doing. It’s this distraction-free working, which leads to the big ideas and innovations, that are vital for raising productivity and overall success.

It’s not solely achieved by tech alone. There is a cultural change needed, Knowledge workers have to deliberately set time aside for deep work, which may involve restricted emailing and texting or “no meeting” days, such as the Recharge Fridays introduced by Microsoft where employees can focus on more strategic work.


Let the hardware do the hard work

When it is time for hard focus you need the hardware to support flexible working – without compromising on productivity.

That’s the thinking behind Lenovo’s ThinkPad family, built with smarter technology to meet demanding workloads securely and on-the-go. Industry-leading innovation is at the very heart of Think technology, empowering your workforce to deliver quality output, wherever they are.

Having the right laptops for deep work also means having devices which provide comfort time and time again – however long your working day may be. Ergonomically designed, MIL-SPEC tested, and equipped with long-life batteries – ThinkPad laptops are made to stand up to the job and enable productivity.


Deep work is collaborative

To empower deep work in a work-from-anywhere world and raise productivity you also need to make it easier for employees to connect with colleagues wherever they are. Because deep work is even more effective when it’s a team effort.

That’s why the latest Lenovo mobile devices provide the integrated features to promote better teamwork out of the office. In conference spaces, Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub provides a one-touch, all-in-one meeting solution with on-time starts, so teams can get together and concentrate on the business in hand rather than getting the tech to work.


Putting the flex in your flexible workforce

By helping to make work easier and more fun, Lenovo allows your flexible workforce to work more productively, wherever they are, and deliver the results to outshine your competition.

It is part of our mission to pursue the new and power your enterprise with innovative Lenovo solutions, running on the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform, that provide what IT needs and users want.


Whichever way you view it, flexibility works. Learn more about how to make it work for your business.

Enabling a flexible workforce


The future of work as we know it has never been more exciting. To find out more about the bigger picture Lenovo has in store, click the link below.

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2 Forrester Thought Leadership Paper: “Invest in Employee Experience (EX) to Drive Your Bottom Line Growth,”, October 2020