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Collaboration. Innovation. Expansion.

Lenovo ThinkIoT helps our partners tackle opportunity at scale.

Industry-leading, innovative technologies are at the heart of our Commercial Internet of Things (CIoT) ecosystem.

Our vision is a dynamic, collaborative network of highly specialized partners – working together to generate new opportunities, leveraging the skills and expertise of the best solution providers in the market.

How will you benefit?

Our Partner Program is designed to accelerate growth, by enabling you to vastly increase your access to global, channel, and regional customers.

Becoming a Lenovo partner means your business will benefit from our support on a global scale. We help to connect you with our network of customers and propel your business far beyond proof of concept to a new level of operation.


What’s holding you back?

As you are already well aware, it’s hard to achieve cut-through in a crowded and fiercely competitive IT market.

And customers face their own challenges:

  • Selecting the right solution
  • Coordinating large deployments
  • Ensuring their solutions stay running

On top of that, while 88% of enterprises believe IoT is significant or transformational to their business, only 12-20% of IoT proof of concepts expand into implementations.

1 Source: IDC 2019, Gartner 2018


So what’s the solution?

Join forces with Lenovo.


You bring expertise


You have an innovative solution to a common industry problem


You have proven success from reference deployments


You are interested in growing your business faster with Lenovo


The Lenovo CIoT partnership brings opportunity


We provide global customer reach through Lenovo channels and marketing campaigns


We build customer trust through Lenovo validation of your solution’s security, reliability, scalability, and serviceability. Every CIoT solution is tested end-to-end with up to 140 different checkpoints to the highest standards


We take care of delivery, deployment, and management through Lenovo services – a 20,000-person global field service network, and multi-vendor, multi-cloud solution management

The outcome is IoT business growth


Increased deal flow from channels


Accelerated deal progression from brand endorsement


Increased win rate and simplified operations

How does it work?


We work with you to validate and integrate your solutions.


We incorporate you into our global sales motion.


We connect regularly to monitor and evolve the partnership.

Who is already on board?

Get to know our existing Lenovo Partners. Working together, we’re providing innovative solutions for specific challenges affecting every industry.


Make inventory management more efficient with out of stock detection, inventory counts, planogram compliance, and price checking.


Increase store visits using targeted advertising and promote customer engagement with smart shelving that autonomously provides product comparisons.


Make sense of corporate real estate through workplace visualizations and performance algorithms that optimize how space is used.

L Squared

Intelligent digital signage broadcasts important information from any screen, for smart communication in the workplace.


Gain insight with indoor intelligence that enhances employee and visitor experience and drive strategy.

Viper Imaging

Make thermal information visible with highly accurate, automated temperature measurement for devices and people.

The CXApp

Connect workplace technology in one platform to elevate the employee experience.


Automate security procedures and enforce compliance with next generation, frictionless mobile access control.

Our partners can see the difference…

“As a key component of the Lenovo ThinkIoT solution, organizations will be able to deploy our technology with confidence knowing that all their global implementation and support needs will be handled by one of the most respected companies in the world.”

Jeff Bennett, COO of Relogix

“We’re excited to partner with Lenovo in supporting ThinkIoT Smarter Store Solutions. In today’s changing world, retail stores must embrace smart retail solutions to provide consumers with a smarter and safer shopping experience. Smart retail solutions through Lenovo and Avalue is a win-win as we can help retailers to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.”

Vincent Hsu, President of Avalue Technology Inc.

“Our partnership with Lenovo Commercial IoT comes at a critical time, as expectations on global businesses are growing at unprecedented rates. L Squared is committed to provide a digital signage platform that is innovative, simple to deploy, and scalable to your business communications needs. Leveraging Lenovo’s technology services has allowed us to seamlessly deliver the right solution to any enterprise across the globe. Our customers can focus on driving their core business and not worry about the complexities of IoT projects,”

Gaj Ratnavel, founder and CEO, L Squared.

“What makes this such an ideal partnership is not only Lenovo's undeniable presence in the marketplace; it's their unrivaled reputation. As computer vision experts, Spacee is to provide hardware solutions to empower retailers to increase their value. Lenovo's partnership allows us to focus on bringing this technology to an entirely new audience in a cost-effective way. The timing of this could not be better because, thankfully, Spacee is experiencing explosive growth. Naturally, Lenovo is a perfect partnership for Spacee, so we can continue to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions to enhance both retailers' and customers' experiences,”

Skip Howard, Founder & CEO, Spacee.

“We are proud to partner with Lenovo in providing ThinkIoT Smarter Store Solutions. Lenovo’s objective of offering technology solutions for safe and seamless transitions back to business after the coronavirus pandemic aligns with Viper’s mission statement – providing thermal solutions that increase efficiency, promote safety, and effect positive environmental change. We know the implementation of thermal technology for elevated body temperature (EBT) detection is a vital piece in helping businesses stay safe as they get back to doing what they do best.”

Rich Shannon, Viper co-founder.

“We’re excited to be a part of Lenovo’s ThinkIoT Return to Work Solution ecosystem - where The CXApp can bring everyone into a workplace experience platform that helps a distributed workforce feel confident and secure when they return to the office.”

Leon Papkoff, CEO and Chief Strategist, The CXApp.

“As companies focus on reopening their workplaces, Openpath is proud to partner with Lenovo to bring our unique “Wave To Unlock” hands-free access to the enterprise market.”

James Segil, President and Co-Founder of Openpath.

“We're proud to work with Lenovo to help businesses reclaim their workplaces. Inpixon Indoor Intelligence technology can help monitor social distancing, facilitate contact tracing, prioritize sanitization and establish an adaptable framework to address future indoor location-based use cases.”

Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon.

Lenovo has spent more than 35 years supporting businesses as they leverage technology at scale

Get to know our existing Lenovo Partners. Working together, we’re providing innovative solutions for specific challenges affecting every industry.

Partnership Opportunities

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