What your tech says about you.

Look at any workspace and there are subtle clues as to the personality of the person who works there – whether it’s the presence or absence of personal photos or the amount of clutter on the desk. And as bring-your-own-device rapidly becomes the norm for the next-generation workforce, that same personality bias is also evident in the tech we choose to use

Are you a minimalist? Is sustainability a bigger issue than power? Does a muddle of wires speak to you of complex connections or unnecessary mess? Does style win over the old faithful that has worked for you over the last few years? Does having the latest trend appeal more for the new opportunities it offers or would you prefer to stick with a device that you know inside out?
The answer, psychologists believe, is in you, as much as the technology. 

That collection of trinkets round the edge of the monitor means something, just as much as the inspirational message stuck to the top of your desktop computer.

Through his research, self-styled snoopologist Sam Gosling, Professor of Psychology, at University of Texas, says that there are three ways we leave clues about ourselves1.

These are by deliberate statements (identity claims) on the things that interest us, from culture to politics; by mementoes, like photos, that remind us about people or things that are important; and ‘behavioural residue’ where our interests and likes show through, such as the messy desk that reflects a chaotic mind.

So where do you fit? 


The clear-space look can be a feature of different mindsets. If it’s simply because you don’t see the need to ‘fill’ the space it shows conventional, traditional thinking. Alternatively, if your desk space is consciously kept clear there’s a disciplined mind at work. You want control. The space-saving simplicity of the all-in-one computer would suit. 


There is an element of the personal campaign, with the sentiment that we all have a duty to be concerned for the future of the environment. This social conscience also means you are likely to be caring and want to avoid conflict. Happily, supporting sustainability is made easier with modern technology. Space-saving desktops, like the ThinkCentre M90n Nano, the world’s smallest commercial desktop2, also delivers up to 30% energy savings3.


Bundles of wires, bits of devices, clutter everywhere suggests a disorganised mind. Pyschologists find that those with organised spaces tend to think before they act, are task-orientated, punctual and reliable. So, if you don’t want to give the wrong impression to your people, tidy your desk. New technology helps. Integrated working is easier than ever with devices that are compact enough to fit neatly in any environment, while delivering the flexible connectivity to keep you truly productive.


Always looking for the latest tech that reflects your ambition to have the best and to expand the possibilities of the way you work? It is also usually the preserve of extroverts who like to spend time in a stylish space. A passion for the new, shows a high degree of conscientiousness. To meet this interest in leading-edge tech, go for next-generation computing, with the like of ThinkBooks and the ThinkCentre family of compact, well-designed desktops.

Whatever your personality dictates, the breadth and depth of innovation in emerging technologies means that there is something that will suit you better and enable you to work your way, at your pace.