Welcome to a new world of remote working

Welcome to a new world of remote working

Remember long days in the office? Stuffy offices with no ventilation? Hot desking? For many of us, those days have become a distant memory. Over the last 18 months, organizations have had to transform the way they work. From how teams communicate to how they collaborate, and from how they forecast to how they order. With no expectations of life returning to the pre-pandemic normal, what can businesses expect and how can they prepare for what lies ahead?




Whilst popular culture was busy creating a stir around hoverboards and time travel, it was only the Covid-19 pandemic that prompted any serious consideration about how the workplace of the future would look.

Yet, over the last 18 months, organizations have had to transform the way they work. From how teams communicate to how they collaborate, and from how they forecast to how they order – every aspect of the working day has had to be reimagined.

Even those who previously luxuriated in a strict on-site only approach have found themselves introducing extensive remote working policies, hybrid working, and workspace booking. These changes aren’t simply for continuity. Moving forward, they are likely to play a substantial part in any organization’s ability to attract and retain talent too.

In future, IT leaders expect 50% of work to be conducted remotely. Things are changing and organizations need to keep pace and provide a modern workplace to accommodate modern working practices.

With this change comes opportunity. Using the right tools and platforms has been shown to deliver a 10% improvement in productivity. And, with around half of employees preferring to work remotely at least three days a week, the right tools and platforms can help you find a win/win solution.


How being apart could be bringing you closer together

It’s easy to remember why we all loved being in an office. Sharing an office space made it easier to ‘drop in’ on a colleague, or to grab a coffee and chat through a challenge or deliver an update. But it’s also easy to forget that collaboration was a lot more complicated when dealing with those who weren’t based on the same site. With multi-site operations and globalisation, communication wasn’t always straightforward.

Necessity is the mother of invention and, with necessity came our smart collaboration portfolio. A range of hardware, software and services designed specifically to take the challenge out of remote collaboration, wherever you are and whoever you’re collaborating with. So, for all of those team members that aren’t on the same site, in the same country or even the same continent, our smart collaboration portfolio enables you to work together more closely and more conveniently than ever before, for smarter, faster and more informed decision making, across the whole business.


Solutions for every situation

You may be able to control how your workforce will look, but the business landscape has changed for good. Even if your teams will be office-bound once more at the earliest opportunity, your customers, partners and suppliers may not be. So, whatever your future looks like, you need working solutions for modern-day working practices. Whether you’re equipping your teams to work from anywhere, or kitting them out to work collaboratively with third parties so they can make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. You need to act now to protect your continuity, productivity and deliverability.

How you manage your workforce will have a big impact on the employee experience you create. By delivering a smooth, seamless and dynamic environment for all your employees, whether they work on-site, remotely, or hybrid-remotely, Lenovo Smart Collection has the devices and capabilities you need to thrive in today’s business climate.


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