Seeking support may be your greatest strength

Seeking support may be your greatest strength

A new year, a fresh start and a chance to look towards the future. For enterprises, that future will inevitably include a shift towards hybrid working – and it looks like it will be a long term one. A recent survey by McKinsey found that nine out of ten executives envision a hybrid model going forward.



Employees are increasingly demanding hybrid working, according to Gartner research which found that 4 out of 10 employees are at risk of leaving if companies insist on a return to the office environment. There have been some clear positives: in McKinsey’s survery of executives 58% reported improvements in individual productivity and 54% said that team productivity had improved as a result of hybrid work.


IT must adapt to a hybrid future

But while hybrid working has unlocked unexpected productivity gains for businesses, it’s also increased the pressure on IT teams. They face the challenge of protecting business continuity in the new hybrid world: resolving issues quickly regardless of where users are based. With a distributed and mobile workforce, providing the essential support that keeps workers productive and businesses up and running has become more of a headache, and internal IT teams are feeling the strain.


A fresh approach to support for a hybrid future

For many, looking ahead to a hybrid future means rethinking and adapting existing processes and structures. McKinsey’s survey found that over half of the most productive businesses surveyed had already evolved or redesigned various business processes to adapt to the changes brought by remote and hybrid working. And for IT, this means looking afresh at how to strengthen the essential support that allows teams to stay productive.

In a bid to reduce downtime, ensure business continuity and relieve pressure on internal teams, many businesses are calling in reinforcements in the shape of external IT support. Not only can external providers inject valuable technical expertise into the business, they also free up internal teams to focus on business-critical initiatives.


Make your resolutions even faster 

Employees spend about 22 minutes per day dealing with IT issues, which adds up to 91 hours annually, so limiting operational interruptions and reduce downtime and getting users back up and running quickly is crucial to maintaining productivity – and reducing employee frustration.

Companies are turning to premium PC support, like Lenovo Premier Support, to help them improve productivity and user experience, save their IT team’s time and give them access to the technical expertise to resolve issues faster.


Fix issues first time with Lenovo Premier Support

Calling on external support providers like Lenovo Premier Support makes IT functions stronger: helping them increase efficiency, handle the complexities of hybrid working and, vitally, keep end users working productively from anywhere.

Lenovo Premier Support gives you a direct line to elite technicians who deliver advanced troubleshooting to fix issues first time – reducing downtime and eliminating frustration for your users. You also get next-business day repairs and prioritized access to parts to keep disruption and downtime to a minimum.

Cases are managed by your technical account manager who acts as your single point of contact and gives you the visibility and peace of mind you need, freeing your IT team to focus on delivering your business’s priorities, safe in the knowledge that productivity is protected.


Reliable devices and secure solutions reduce downtime, giving your business the security it needs to focus on what’s important.

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