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Ensuring Business Continuity

Reduce downtime with reliable devices and secure solutions

Three steps to enable business continuity
A business of your size can’t afford to come to a grinding halt when things go wrong. Three key areas to address are risk mitigation, downtime reduction and accelerated resumption. Lenovo has developed solutions for each of these, so you’ll have a comprehensive plan in place to keep your business humming.
Equip your workforce to thrive
Create a digital fortress
Nothing disrupts workflow like security breaches. But it’s challenging to secure many new end points in the work from anywhere world. Lenovo can help mitigate risk with an end-to-end approach to security, ensuring the best protection possible.
Security is critical to the future of work

There are 4x more remote devices than in 2019. These numbers will continue to climb and, with them, security issues.

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It’s time to choose DaaS

Interest in Device as a Service is skyrocketing. The right model can have big payoffs for remote teams. Here’s how to make your best DaaS decision.

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Predict and prevent failures with AI enabled technology

Predict and prevent failures, get helpful proactive insights with Lenovo Device Intelligence, to help keep fleets running at peak performance.

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Less Downtime. More upside.
Employees spend about 22 minutes each day dealing with IT issues, adding up to 91 hours annually. Lenovo has reliable devices and innovative solutions that you can combine with the powerful, built in security of Windows 10 Pro and designed on the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform, built for what IT needs and users want.
Simplify your support

Simplify your support

Reduce complexity, decrease operational costs, and increase in-house IT efficiency.

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An industry-leading support experience

88% of Lenovo Premier Support users would recommend it to a peer. Time to maximise your support offering.

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Continuity for a changing world

Continuity for a changing world

The modern hybrid workplace is here to stay, and organizations need the right mix of technology, services, and support to thrive.

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Edge Computing
You need cutting-edge IT solutions that provide real time results. Lenovo can help speed things up and bring AI to the edge for faster processing with purpose-built solutions and your choice of integrated storage and data management.
Accelerating the path from data to intelligence

We’ve never had more data – and less intelligence. Edge computing holds the key to bridging the gap.

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When milliseconds count

40-100 milliseconds is typically lost in congested first and last mile connections.

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Four considerations on the road to Edge computing

Before you jump into Edge computing, consider these four things to make the best decision for your business.

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The future of work:
A global study
Lenovo’s new Future of Work study surveyed businesses around the world. We uncovered the insights you can use today to evolve and thrive.
Enabling a flexible workforce

Your teams now work from anywhere. Lenovo can equip your workforce to thrive, by helping them stay productive, collaborative and ensuring their security.

Help your teams thrive

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Accelerating a modern workplace

Whether you want to scale your offering, or stay on top of IT anywhere with Windows 10 Pro, Lenovo has integrated solutions to enable modern IT.

Modernize your IT

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