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In our work-from-anywhere world, IT departments are working double time to keep employees secure and reduce unnecessary downtime. Businesses are looking for ways to enhance employee connection and collaboration, while simplifying management of remote devices. Get smart about modernization with end-to-end technology solutions from Lenovo and the built-for-business Intel vPro® platform.

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Take five minutes to get data, insights and practical advice from a Lenovo pro. Sarah Choi shares guidance to help your business find the smarter way forward in the coming months.

Sarah Choi

Commercial Cybersecurity Solutions Manager

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Lenovo’s latest technology and services make it easy for your workforce to stay productive, secure and collaborative, wherever they are. Discover the solutions for yourself.


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Employees spend up to 80% of their time in collaborative work. How does Lenovo create smarter connection and productivity?

Market Insights

How is your competition responding to modern work? We share the data on 5 key business trends you need to be aware of.

Remote Deployment

It doesn’t get much smarter than zero touch. Devices arrive primed for productivity, reducing user setup time by 90% or more.

Modern IT

Speed forward with premium power and versatility. Lenovo’s modern portfolio of automated IT helps you find smarter solutions.

Modern Devices

Find out how the ThinkPad® X1 Carbon was named Laptop Mag’s best business laptop three years in a row.1


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Global, unscripted round-the-clock tech support. Find out why 88% of customers would recommend us to a friend.

Employee Insights

Only 56% of employees have the tech they need for remote work. Find out what your business needs to adapt, quickly.

Security Infographic

The threat landscape is rapidly shifting. Learn how Lenovo can help you better protect your employees and your business.

Security Market Insights

How is your company responding to security threats? We share the data on 5 key trends you need to be aware of.

Hear from the Experts

Thomas Butler shares guidance to help your business find the smarter way forward in the coming months.

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Discover how Lenovo’s advanced technology is transforming the way we all live, learn, work and heal.

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