Match User Type to Optimal PC for Greater Productivity

When it comes to providing teams with the right equipment to respond to customers faster, keep financial data secure and maintain regulatory compliance. Importantly, one-size doesn't fit all. Consider types of work end users perform, and where they do it from, to develop a "good-better-best" solution approach for each of these three user types:

Non-mobile Users

Users with back office roles or who meet with customers and clients onsite only usually have their own desk space and have limited or no travel. Laptops, AIO and desktops all work well, but prioritize security features to protect data from unauthorized access. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Intel® Authenticate: Available on devices with 8th Gen Intel® vPro™ Technology, this technology gives IT the flexibility to create and deploy custom multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies that enforce user identity protection. Factors used for authentication include biometric (fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN codes, phone proximity and PC location.
  • Match on Chip Fingerprint Reader (MoC FPR): Lenovo MoC FPR stores biometric credentials on a separate chip, making it almost impossible to hack.
  • Windows 10 Pro: Features such as Windows Hello facial recognition and BitLocker data encryption provide additional protection.

Mobile Users

Finance professionals who travel frequently or are field based require mobile PCs to effectively do their jobs. When choosing devices, consider factors such as balancing thin and light with battery life and performance. Need anti-glare screens? Is the Wi-Fi performance adequate? Again, financial data security should be a priority, perhaps even more so as these workers are at greater risk of their PC being lost or stolen.

Advanced Users

Specialists who work with real-time financial data and applications are required to inform decisions that must be made in seconds, not hours or days. They need powerful Intel® Xeon® processors or Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, multi-monitor setups, ISV certification for specialized applications and high-quality GPUs for data visualization.

As the balance of user types change, developing "good, better, best" solutions options for each user type/needs is useful. Use it to drive internal discussions on investments and priorities, balancing desired capabilities with budgets accordingly.

Match User Type to Optimal PC for Greater Productivity

Digital banking & customer experience executives must collaborate closely with technology management colleagues to define the technical requirements, resources, processes and costs to implement each project.


  • Lenovo’s portfolio includes devices built specifically for mobile users: ultra-slim laptops, tablets and convertible devices.
  • For employees working mostly at a desk, our solutions include the space-saving ThinkCentre Tiny, and all-in-one PCs designed to modernize and de-clutter spaces.
  • Advanced users, including financial analysts, can select from mobile or desktop workstations which have been optimized to run specialist applications and demanding workloads.