Visualizing A Better Business

Visualizing A Better Business

Data visualization is just rounding into form as a disruptor small business can use.


It can be very valuable to every company and business to learn customer habits, areas to improve, and many other valuable data points for a business that is trying to grow. Data visualization, utilizing big data, doesn’t have to be difficult to assess or expensive to do. Here’s how to control your data to get the critical information you need.

Every business decision we make, every day, leaves us with a trail of data. With modern tools, we can collect huge amounts of facts and figures. But unless we understand the data, we can’t turn it into insight. And insight is the operative term. To use the oceans of data around us, we need to be able to leverage the outstanding human capacity for visual thinking. We need tools for Data Visualization.

As a small business, you may not think you need to tell more than show, but in this fast- paced world with shorter attention spans, using Data Visualization methods is the best way to grab the eyes of customers and get information to the public in an appealing, visual manner. We really are in the “Didn’t read, talk later” generation, since no one these days wants to read through mountains of data; they just want the key facts. Finding ways to create such content and break through the noise of advertisements and data out there doesn’t have to be complicated. Affordable tools such as can help a business create socially sharable pieces of visual data such as the highly popular infographic form of data visualization.

Too much data? Too many problems?

Thinking in real time rather than sifting through mountains of older data can alleviate this problem and offer more accurate, up-to-date visualizations. For example, companies such as Tagboard offer a way to monitor social media hashtags through real-time visualization. This is a great tool for monitoring brand mentions or a hashtag around a brand-driven online campaign.

Finding companies that help you bring data together in real time can help you get ahead of the competition by being in the present instead of the past.


Not every company has time to spend learning the ropes of how to bring data to the forefront using visualization. When looking for a tool or agency that specializes in this field, you want to make sure that they can offer support and education on how to best compile and feature the data you will really need to succeed.


Making sure the data that you are representing truly represents your business can sometimes be challenging. One way to make sure that you are keeping your data under control is to focus on data sets that accurately capture interesting data instead of all of the in between. Showing key points of company history via timelines with products like Dipity and storytelling customer case studies through pictures and interactive graphs are all ways to keep your data relevant and entertaining.


Now that you’ve got the data you want to show to the world, there are so many different ways to visualize it to best fit your business’s needs. One good resource for finding the best tool for your small business is this list of 38 Data Visualization Tools. Staying ahead of the crowd doesn’t mean you have to get ahead of yourself with complex data mining and tools. Keeping the data simple, interesting, true to your brand, and easy to understand for your audience is the winning combination for success overall in the big data visualization picture.