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Ecommerce Beyond the Age of Amazon is like its namesake: A force of nature that can and does change the environment around it.
How Shyp Is Disrupting Logistics
How Shyp is Disrupting Logistics
Shipping hasn’t changed a great deal since FedEx disrupted logistics with overnight delivery in 1973.
Haute couture and data centres
Haute couture and data centres: when servers become the height of fashion
This was brought to my attention on a recent business trip to Madrid, where I had to take one of those awful flights at the crack of dawn. Basically, you are half asleep when you arrive at the airport,
Technology's next step: Invisibility
Technology's next evolutionary step: Invisibility
We all know that as technology matures, it becomes ingrained into our way of life: smaller, smarter, easier to forget about. The next step for many new applications is the one that takes it into the background, where it can quietly make transactions,