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A Customer Success Story: Case Study Videos

Case Studies
University of Birmingham uses Lenovo's Think Portfolio to allow lecturers and students to collaborate securely and easily. This technology has been proven to be exceptionally adaptable within the complex laboratory environments.

Shorter video - University of Birmingham
UCL finds their use of Lenovos Think range reliable, accessible and high performing. This has enabled students to prepare for their future careers; particularly in engineering as the technology provides them with access to the various software and tools used in the industry.
Keele University thrives with Lenovo technology, using AR and VR to teach students medical sciences in a virtual and realistic environment. The security and portability of the devices means that the students can adapt their learning experience when needed.
Shorter video - Keele University
The DWP uses Lenovo's SmartHub to allow their teams to collaborate easily and effectively. This device has proven its flexibility, accessibility and security via the DWP Case Study. The SmartHub's design allows any member of a team to manage the meeting, using integrated software like Microsoft Teams.
Shorter video - DWP
Aston Martin thrives using Lenovo Workstations to produce, design and analyse across the business. The Aston Martin team find our Workstations very well thought-out with powerful processors and top end graphics cards. The P1 is their hero product with Workstation capability whilst being small and light.
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