Save Time & Improve Performance with Less Preloaded Software

Health providers deploying a fleet of new devices don't need a vast range of pre-installed apps and limited-trial programs that are irrelevant to patient care and administration. This 'bloatware' wastes time when provisioning, and can create vulnerabilities and slow performance.

When purchasing new technology, check which manufacturers have a clear policy on minimizing preloaded applications.

Devices with Cleaner Preloads are Good for Efficiency

Devices that come with fewer preloaded apps—also known as a clean preload—can benefit your IT team and your organization in several important ways:

Performance: Cleaner devices help improve performance by reducing boot times and improving battery life because many preloads include hidden and unnecessary processes that overload the processor and memory. Independent testing by Microsoft shows that devices with significantly fewer preloaded apps average 28 minutes longer battery life than devices with exactly the same configuration but more preloaded apps*.

Deployment Time: Healthcare equipment must be available and ready to meet service needs quickly to avoid disruption of service that could negatively impact the quality of patient care, not to mention the dollars lost from sub-optimal use and maintenance of these devices. Clean preloads set up your IT team for quicker deployment to end users and frees their time for critical priorities.

Choice: IT teams can select and control preferred applications for installation. Users can personalize their device without having to delete unwanted apps.

Committed to Minimizing Preloaded Applications

At Lenovo, we're committed to reducing the number of preloaded apps across all devices to help you save time, increase productivity and provide better user experiences.

  • In the past 4 years Lenovo has removed between 75% and 90% of preloaded applications.
  • Lenovo is an industry leader in clean preloads; now on every Lenovo business device you will find just 3 to 6 preloaded applications plus the Windows 10 standard preload.
  • The pre-loaded apps we include are of true value to our customers. For example, Lenovo Vantage helps IT customize settings, migrate or transfer files, update software and drivers, run diagnostics and more.
*Microsoft testing showed overall improvements in the PCs running cleaner preloads compared to those without. The tests were done on exact same make/model of PCs with identical hardware configuration. Displayed differences are averages across seven PCs from seven different PC manufacturers. Actual PC battery life may vary.
Save Time & Improve Performance with Less Preloaded Software

PCs with no junk-ware, that are fast, and have anti-virus built in are what’s most important to users.



  • In the past four years Lenovo has removed nearly all preloaded applications from business devices, leaving just 3 to 6 high-value items plus Windows 10 standard apps from Microsoft.
  • Those remaining apps provide essential functionality. For example, Lenovo Vantage helps users easily customize settings, migrate or transfer files, update software and drivers, run diagnostics and more.