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Make your company an AI company

Artificial Intelligence is the most important general-purpose technology of our era, particularly Machine and Deep Learning.

Every company today has the potential to become an AI-enabled business, leveraging modern solutions to handle the largest datasets and compute-intensive workloads from anywhere, delivering projects and business outcomes that had previously never been possible.

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Transform decision making

Lenovo Workstations can help demystify Artificial Intelligence, empowering you to slice through massively complex and unstructured datasets in record time; delivering AI-powered predictions to transform how critical business decisions are made.

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Create real-world value with AI

Empower your Data Scientists to work on the largest and most complex of datasets, delivering the most accurate AI predictions and all in an easy to setup, secure sandbox style environment.

Machine and Deep Learning

AI Workstations Built for Data Science

Delivered with pre-installed AI frameworks and a GPU-accelerated NVIDIA CUDA-X AI software stack, the NVIDIA-powered data science workstation from Lenovo is a state-of-the-art AI workstation solution built to ensure the highest levels of performance, compatibility, and reliability.


Data Analytics

Easily explain AI models to business leaders and explore at the speed of curiosity, delivering a competitive edge thanks to rapid time-to-business insights.

Lenovo is pleased to be working with partners such as OmniSci, so that our customers can leverage their accelerated analytics platforms to address modern data science challenges.


Edge Computing

Meet the ever-increasing need for more scalable and powerful computing power at the edge.

Lenovo Workstations are well suited to delivering the required CPU and GPU resources to a wide variety of edge AI workloads, such as Federated Learning, Computer Vision, and Inferencing.


Why Lenovo Workstations for AI?

Deliver maximum performance with outstanding parallel processing power leveraging the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs.

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Maximum data scientist productivity

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Unprecedented performance and scalability

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Data science workstation software preloaded

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Support for NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs

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Up to 2TB memory, fast NVMe SSD storage and more

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Enterprise-class Linux OS preloaded

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Ultimate sandbox for AI developers and data scientists

Why Lenovo Workstations versus Cloud?

Enable your Data Scientists to be 100% Productive, 100% of the Time and use Powerful Lenovo ThinkStations to offset and Augment any Cloud investments you plan to make.

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Cost management

Unlimited Computing Power Comes at a Cost and is not Efficient or Agile

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Keep Data Secure

Recent Regulation changes like GDPR can limit the use of Cloud Computing

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Release True Data Science Potential

Your Data Scientists need to be Productive, So Enable Them and Curb the Waiting

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Effortlessly explore and interact with billions of records in milliseconds

Why Lenovo Workstations for Artificial Intelligence?

Maximize efficiencies of your entire end to end AI workflows with Lenovo ThinkStation Workstation for Data Science.

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GPU Isolation per Scientist

Address cumbersome IT challenges and Deliver a True 1:1 Data Scientist to GPU Ratio for Maximum Workflow Efficiencies

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Oversubscribed IT Resources

Data Scientists can be easily frustrated, so make hardware always available

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Software Flexibility & Optimization

AI workloads can vary significantly & migrating systems + software stacks can impact productivity…

Smarter creates the future

Push the limits of productivity, creativity, and innovation with Lenovo Workstations.