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Technology’s role in employee experience

For every $1 spent on improved employee experience (EX), firms see $5 in increased productivity, agility, and customer satisfaction. But what role does IT play in creating positive EX? A new study conducted by Forrester Consulting (on behalf of Intel and Lenovo) reveals that employees’ satisfaction with IT has a substantial impact.

Study: Invest in Your Employees, Invest in EX

The study leaves little doubt about the importance of technology for positive employee experience. Yet there’s a clear disconnect between what decision makers believe and what employees actually say about technology.


Infographic: Invest in Your People to Improve EX

When your employees demand better IT, listen! This infographic gives you a quick look at the study’s key insights. For instance: ITDMs expect to increase their EX investment by 53% over the next two years.

Where is technology taking the world?
To a better place, thanks to the rise of eco-friendly solutions. Consumer opinion and environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives are driving the focus on ‘greener’ technology. From sustainable packaging through to the circular economy, there are answers here for today – and for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Offset the carbon emissions of your devices at the time of purchase.

Drive your ESG evolution

Unlock sustainable growth with greener, more sustainable solutions.

A profitable solution to e-waste

Learn how a circular economy benefits the environment and your bottom line.


Discover the future of work

In a recent study, 70 percent of global employees reported higher job satisfaction when working from home and 56 percent said they feel more productive. Are you ready to ride the remote revolution to future-proof your business?

Make work-from-anywhere work for your business

Lenovo’s latest technology and services make it easy for your workforce to stay productive, secure and collaborative, wherever they are. Discover the solutions for yourself.


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