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Webinars: celebrating the future of education at BettFest, the online education festival

Ensure educational continuity during an age of disruption, enhance collaboration and create powerful new learning environments.

Watch these webinars from BettFest, the online education festival, for an up-to-date discussion of how our end-to-end technology solutions are transforming learning experiences.

  • Learn about new teaching experiences and the trends shaping the future of education
  • Discover the powerful hybrid classroom software and solutions that are available
  • Hear about how AI, immersive experiences and other innovations are driving transformation

The Innovation Accelerator – forging a path for equitable learning

The lessons we’ve learned for continuing education during a year of disruption.


Looking Forward – The Future of Education with Lenovo

Our smart solutions for hybrid classrooms, immersive learning and using AI.

These sessions are hosted by experts in our smarter solutions for education:


Rich Henderson

Director of Global Education Solutions, Lenovo

Delia DeCourcy

Delia DeCourcy

Global Education Solutions Manager, Lenovo


Shayla Rexrode

Solution Architect in Smart Education, Lenovo


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Trusted, reliable and powerful devices from a global technology provider

The Transformation of Industry Leading Intelligent Devices. Consolidated.

Work From Anywhere With the Latest ThinkPad Products

Reshape Your Reality: The X1 Launch Event

Meet the Google Meet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo

ThinkCentre M90a Product Demonstration

Workstations: Solutions for the World Today



Smarter, end-to-end innovation that spans hardware, software and services

Digital Workplace Transformation: Greater Efficiency. Better Experience.

Security Strategies for a Rapidly Evolving World. Consolidated.

Improving Collaboration and the Employee Experience While Working Remote. Consolidated.

OEM Solutions Vertical Go to Market

Enhancing EX with Smart, Work-from-Anywhere Collaboration Solutions

Professional Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR | XR)

Alternative workplace strategies for the ‘new normal’

Lead the way in remote workplace transformation

Enabling the Edge with Lenovo OEM Solutions

Take back your time for what you do best with Lenovo DaaS



Driving efficiency and growth across every sector with tailored solutions

Designing Cars of the Future - Aston Martin + Lenovo Workstations

VR Classroom 2: Technical Demo and Applications for Remote Learning

Smarter Way Forward in Education Through Hybrid Learning Solutions

Discover the path to secure, virtual healthcare

Webinar: Making today’s classrooms work for you

Taking virtual production to the next level

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