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Reduce worry and workload — Lenovo can help you know now that your higher education institution is on the right path to the future.


Why Lenovo for Higher Education?

Driven by passion for exploration and innovation, Lenovo helps colleges and universities keep pace with evolving demands and dynamics.

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How Our Customers Are Achieving Success

Learn how higher education organizations are using Lenovo solutions to solve critical technology demands.

Lenovo’s Partnership with Neumont College

Neumont College praises Lenovo's consistent performance and quality that allows them to teach the best in tech with the best of tech.

Neumont College Chooses the ThinkPad P1 Workstation

The diversity of capabilities and the power of Lenovo's P1 workstation gives students the tools they need to meet the demands of the curriculum.


It’s not a laptop, it’s a ThinkPad

Lenovo thoughtfully crafts solutions that set a superior standard in dependability, performance, and design.

Explore Lenovo Workstations

Lenovo workstations feature superior engineering and innovative design, tested and certified by independent software vendors (ISVs) for the demands of higher education users.

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We Work Hard to Keep You Working Securely

ThinkShield by Lenovo has the most comprehensive end-to-end security offerings in the market.

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Built for Durability

ThinkPad takes on stairs, ice, heat, dust, drops, and spills to prove that different is better.

Procurement Simplified

Along with specialized public sector financing solutions and more robust warranty options, Lenovo offers broad contract and purchase vehicle availability — all to help government procurement maximize the impact of each dollar. Lenovo is available on GSA, NASPO ValuePoint, NCPA, and many state contracts.



Find the Right Solution

Talk to your account representative about customizing the right security solution for your business.

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